Published 2020-03-16 by Jeffrey G.

Storms lead to rising rivers in Arizona, Kentucky, and Georgia as precipitation runoff continues from the latest storm systems. Rivers in Arizona like the Eagle Creek Above Pumping Plant and Gila River At Head Of Safford Valley are on the rise over the past day with the Eagle Creek Above Pumping Plant rising by over 73.7cfs over the past 24 hours alone. Although floods are common natural disasters, they can effect millions of people with devastating consequences to farming as well infrastructure.

Kentucky rains have brought rivers around the state to flood levels, with some rivers rising by 249.17%. The Buck Creek Near Shopville was flowing at 3380cfs just past midnight today, blowing past its average flow rate of 298.841508982cfs. The Bacon Creek Near Priceville has also been flowing at highs, as the river depth inched past 5.27ft and flows reached 829cfs.

We've also seen Georgia rivers way above average with over 11 river gauges across the state at or above flood stage. Rivers like the Savannah R At Burtons Ferry Br Nr Millhaven are above 18.42ft (33200cfs), having risen by over 900.0cfs over the past 24 hours. With potential flood conditions in the area, folks should take extra caution before performing any river related activity.

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