Storms lead to rising rivers in Arkansas, Ohio, and Arizona

Snoflo | 2018-03-13

Potential Flooding in Arkansas, Ohio, and Arizona as precipitation runoff continues from the latest storm systems. Rivers in Arkansas like the Bayou Bartholomew Near Portland and Bayou Bartholomew Near Mcgehee are exceptionally high for this time of year with the Bayou Bartholomew Near Portland rising by over -50.0cfs over the past 24 hours alone. Although floods are common natural disasters, they can effect millions of people with devastating consequences to farming as well infrastructure.

Ohio has not been spared, as precipitation runoff has caused some rivers to rise by 33.96%. The Indian Fork Bl Atwood Dam Near New Cumberland Oh was flowing at 426cfs at last check, very high for this time of year, especially considering that the average flow on the river is 64.5391363636cfs. The Stillwater River At Englewood Oh has also been flowing at highs, as the river depth inched past 3.93ft and flows reached 511cfs.

We've also seen Arizona rivers on the rise over the past day with over 1 river gauges across the state at or above flood stage. Rivers like the Bill Williams River Below Alamo Dam are above 6.18ft (1100cfs), having risen by over 1075.5cfs over the past 24 hours. Floods can often be the most expensive natural disasters to an area with damage to crops, infrastructure, and private property.

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