Snow storms expected to bring up to 42 inches of fresh snow to Alaska, Idaho, and Oregon over the next few days

Snoflo | 2018-03-06

Up to 42 inches of pow expected to make landfall across Alaska, Idaho, and Oregon this coming week with the next snowstorm on its way. Mountains like Esther Island in Alaska are gearing up for up to 42 inches of the white stuff in the coming days, adding to their total snowpack of 27 inches. Mt. Eyak is also expecting to get about 40 inches of powder with more wintry weather on its way.

Idaho is also slated to receive more more snowfall over the next week, with mountains like Pierce R.S. forecasted to receive up to another 15 inches of powder over the next 48 to 72 hoursThe mountain has been getting a decent amount of snow this season, and has a solid total snowpack of 37 inches, and the pow should make for some great skiing conditions this week. Cozy Cove is also gearing up for another 11 inches of the white stuff over the next 48 to 72 hours

Snow storms will dump up to another 6 inches of powder to Oregon over the next few days, with 3 mountains in the state forecasted to receive new snow. Diamond Lake is expecting to get powder, which should help increase their 19 inch current snowpack level by another 6 inches in the coming days.

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