California Flow Report

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September 25 2023

Flow report by state

California Flow Report

September 25 2023

98% of Normal Streamflow

Streamflow levels across California are currently 98.0% of normal, with the San Joaquin R A Jersey Point Ca reporting the highest discharge in the state with 105000cfs and gauge stage of 7.05 ft. Meanwhile, the Colorado River Below Palo Verde Dam is seeing a spike in streamflows today after experiencing a 18.24% increase since yesterday, and currently running at 5770cfs.

Maximum gauge stage in the state was last observed at the Turlock Cn Nr La Grange Ca, currently reporting a stage of ft. The Sisquoc R Nr Sisquoc Ca in the Santa Maria watershed is surging for this time of year at 202cfs, about 499.41% of normal.

Surface Flow Characteristics

California has a diverse hydrological system with major surface flows, including the Sacramento and San Joaquin River systems, which provide water to the agricultural heartland. The state has numerous reservoirs and dams, including the Oroville Dam, which is the tallest in the US. California's climate is characterized by long periods of drought, punctuated by occasional heavy rainfall events. The state's hydrology is heavily influenced by snowpack, which accumulates in the Sierra Nevada mountains during the winter and provides a critical source of water during the dry season. The state's watersheds are also important, with the Sacramento River being the largest, providing water to much of Northern California. Overall, California's water management is complex and requires careful planning to balance the competing demands of agriculture, urban areas, and the environment.

Popular Whitewater Destinations

Floatable River Runs

River Run Status Streamflow (CFS) Air Temp (F)
Chili Bar
Class III to IV
RUNNABLE 1390 65
RUNNABLE 1390 65
RUNNABLE 1390 65
RUNNABLE 1390 65
RUNNABLE 2550 51
RUNNABLE 3690 48
TOO HIGH 1020 63
323 46
The Gorge
Class III to III+
RUNNABLE 1390 65
RUNNABLE 1390 65

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