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Snowpack levels remain unchanged since yesterday, with the mountain sitting at a " snowpack. Perched in Washington at an elevation of 5,830ft, Brown Top air temperatures were recorded at 32.0° at last check. Another shot of snow moves through this region of Washington over the next week, and we're predicting up to 10" of more snowfall on the mountain.

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The 10 day snowpack average at Brown Top has been hovering around 146.75", with a day-to-day variation of about 3.62". Snowpack trends in the pacific northwest area can vary quite a bit, with Brown Top showing a 10-day range between 142.0" - 152.0", with a current snow water equivalency of %.

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Seasonal Trend

Snow levels at brown top fluctuate from year to year, especially with an evolving climate effecting hydrology in the Upper Skagit Watershed. Check out the yearly snowpack trends above to compare yearly snowpack levels at brown top in comparison to previous seasons.

Mar 22nd Comparison

Snowfall Almanac

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Snowfall trends evolve over the course of a year, and throughout the years too. Some snowfall conditions are more prevalent during seasonal cycles, allowing for patterns to arise over time. During seasonal peaks, snowpack on the mountain can reach levels as high as 211", while the average tends to sit around 93".

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Site Summary

Residing within the Upper Skagit Watershed, this mountain belongs to the Pacific Northwest Hydrologic Region. The NRCS Snotel network manages the majority of snow gauges across Washington, and has assigned this sensor a unique gauge ID: 1080. Watersheds are composed of land areas where all the river water and mountain snow eventually flow to a common outlet. Rain that falls within the Upper Skagit watershed will find its way into the various river constituents located in the area. Explore the other river locations that call the Upper Skagit watershed their home.


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