We've got some fresh snow to report this morning in regions of Idaho and Utah, with Deadwood Summit in Idaho taking the lions share at 7" of new snow. More snow is headed to Wyoming and Montana this week with up to 19 inches of more snow expected at Beartooth Lake in Wyoming over the next few days. View all snow reports

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19" Beartooth Lake, Wyoming
18" Placer Basin, Montana
17" Monument Peak, Montana
14" Albro Lake, Montana
14" Sylvan Road, Wyoming
13" Fisher Creek, Montana
13" Lone Mountain, Montana
13" Mule Creek, Montana
13" White Mill, Montana
12" Carrot Basin, Montana
12" Canyon, Wyoming
12" Evening Star, Wyoming
11" Cole Creek, Montana
11" Daisy Peak, Montana
11" East Boulder Mine, Montana
11" Rocker Peak, Montana
11" Shower Falls, Montana
10" Basin Creek, Montana
10" Beaver Creek, Montana
10" Darkhorse Lake, Montana