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Understanding the climate and water cycle requires a comprehensive insight into hydrology that nobody else can offer. We provide crucial tools for water supply management, outdoor recreation, conservation planning, and so much more.

Snoflo has been a steward of the environment for over a decade, harnessing cutting-edge research to monitor the climate, while making the outdoors accessible to all.

Our research spans hydrology, snowpack dynamics, streamflow patterns, and reservoir levels for a variety of use cases. Enjoy our diverse recreational offerings including ski, whitewater, and fishing reports. Moreover, Snoflo's crucial role in monitoring natural disasters, from floods to wildfires and earthquakes, underscores our commitment to safeguarding the planet. Join us in exploring, protecting, and celebrating the intricate balance between environmental conservation and outdoor pursuits.

Climate Resilience

Snoflo advances climate resilience by integrating science, education, and activism to foster resilient communities.

Data Accessibility

Snoflo provides user-friendly access to climate data, facilitating informed decision-making.


We promote responsible management of environmental data, fostering collaboration, and advocating for sustainable practices.

Current Alerts

Little Satilla River 990%
Ochlockonee River 884%
Satilla River 993%
Chickasawhay River 303%
Savannah River 200%
Aucilla River 542%
Nottoway River 525%
Sabine River 300%
Portneuf River 161%
Owyhee River 156%
Santee River 210%
Mermentau River 227%
Lampasas River 921%
Trinity River 310%
Sepulga River 668%
Pearl River 186%
Neches River 304%
Calcasieu River 394%
Brazos River 339%
Minnesota River 164%
Little River 334%
Santee Watershed 210%
Lower Ochlockonee Watershed 792%
Upper Ochlockonee Watershed 1011%
Apalachee Bay-St. Marks Watershed 281%
Little Watershed 1019%
Upper Sabine Watershed 161%
Little Watershed 308%
Santa Clara Watershed 825%
East Fork San Jacinto Watershed 312%
Lower Chickasawhay Watershed 303%
Lower Brazos Watershed 339%
Portneuf Watershed 161%
Elm Fork Trinity Watershed 329%
Middle Neches Watershed 194%
Lower Neches Watershed 321%
Lower Savannah Watershed 200%
Pine Island Bayou Watershed 308%
Upper Calcasieu Watershed 319%
Mermentau Watershed 227%
Mermentau Headwaters Watershed 480%
Sepulga Watershed 668%
Aucilla Watershed 542%
Lower Trinity-Kickapoo Watershed 399%
Lower Des Moines Watershed 1878%
Lake Red Rock Watershed 875%
Lower Trinity Watershed 249%
Whisky Chitto Watershed 445%
Nottoway Watershed 525%
Middle Sabine Watershed 213%
Lower Sabine Watershed 315%
Middle Pearl-Strong Watershed 1207%
Lower Pearl. Mississippi Watershed 186%
Buffalo-San Jacinto Watershed 741%
Los Angeles Watershed 731%
Lower Pee Dee Watershed 250%
Lampasas Watershed 921%
Ichawaynochaway Watershed 604%
Hawk-Yellow Medicine Watershed 164%
Lower Owyhee Watershed 156%
Little Satilla Watershed 990%
Satilla Watershed 993%

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Whether you’re camping for the weekend or looking for the freshest powder to ski, we’ve got you covered. Snoflo gives you crucial insight from nearby activities to weather alerts for outdoor recreation destinations across North America.

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