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Check out the latest news for hundreds of mountain locations, along with snow accumulations, snowpack levels, and forecasts

Regional Snow Reports

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Snow Data for the Nation

Snowpack levels, snowfall totals, and detailed forecasts for everyone.

Our team provides snow and river data for North America based on the latest watershed hydrology models and forecasting information.

Snow Telemetry

Directly sourced from the NRCS Snotel Network and NOHRC

Ski Area Reports

Snowfall totals and forecasts for hundreds of ski areas

Watershed Hydrology

Snow and water data for thousands of hydrologic areas

Avalanche Data

Historical events and corresponding triggers

Forecast Animations

Animated forecast loops
Source: CAIC
Source: NOAA
Source: NOAA

Featured Locations

Snowpack depths from the most viewed locations

Maps Make it Easy

View mountain snowpack depths along with mountain streamflow conditions on the interactive map.

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