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June 2 2023


June 2 2023

New Snowfall to report today with Red Mountain Pass in Colorado reporting 12" of new snowfall, raising snowpack levels to 47". Draw Creek in Nevada seeing snowpack levels rise to -1" after receiving 4" of more snowfall since yesterday. Skiiers headed to Silverton Mountain today can expect 12" of new snowfall on the slopes today, and folks headed to Ski Broadmoor will be enjoying 1" of more powder, with snowpack levels rising to 1".

Mountain snowpack is a crucial source of water for many regions in the US. The snow that accumulates on the mountains during winter acts as a natural reservoir, slowly releasing water as it melts during spring and summer. Understanding snowpack dynamics is essential for managing water resources sustainably, predicting water availability, and mitigating the risk of floods and droughts. Some notable mountain ranges with significant snowpack include the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada, and Cascade Range.

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More snow forecasted this week with Bison Lake in Colorado expecting 12" of more snow in the next 72 hours, with chance rain/snow then t-storms likely today. Molas Lake in Colorado is also slated to get up to 8" of more snow in the coming days. Some great powder days on the horizon with Ski Cooper forecasted to receive up to 12.97" of snow in the coming days, and Conquistador Ski Resort expecting up to 6.93" of more snowfall which could bring their snowpack depth up to 7".

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The Oceanic Niño Index (ONI) is a rolling 3-month average temperature anomaly, and used for tracking El Niño-Southern Oscillation climate patterns. Based on the latest data for the last 3 months (FMA), the Oceanic Nino Index is currently -0.16, signifying a La Nina period. A persistent above average sea surface temperature may signify an El Niño episode. Conversely, a below average sea surface temperature will signal the onset of La Nina occurences.

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