• Snow and river data for North America based on the latest snow telemetry, streamflow, and forecasting information.


    River temperatures that are on the rise around the nation

    Okanogan River At Malott, Wa, Washington
    46° (+10.44°)
    Little Truckee R Ab Boca Res Nr Truckee Ca, California
    52° (+10.98°)
    North Raccoon River Near Sac City, Ia, Iowa
    40° (+7.56°)
    Keshequa Cr @ Craig Colony @ Sonyea Ny, New York
    41° (+7.56°)
    Mosquito Creek Near Greene Center Oh, Ohio
    41° (+6.84°)
    Manitowoc River At Manitowoc, Wi, Wisconsin
    93° (+14.4°)
    Northrup Creek At North Greece Ny, New York
    42° (+6.3°)
    Arkansas River At Catlin Dam, Near Fowler, Co., Colorado
    47° (+6.66°)
    Floyds Fork Near Pewee Valley, Ky, Kentucky
    44° (+6.12°)
    Big Creek Near Alpharetta, Ga, Georgia
    59° (+7.74°)
    East Branch Neponset River At Canton, Ma, Massachusetts
    78° (+9.9°)
    Trinity Rv At Dallas, Tx, Texas
    78° (+-7.02°)
    Yahara River At State Hwy 113 At Madison, Wi, Wisconsin
    69° (+-6.66°)
    Trinity Rv Bl Dallas, Tx, Texas
    77° (+-7.74°)
    Mud Lick Cr At Hwy 42 Nr Beaverlick, Ky, Kentucky
    64° (+-7.2°)
    Gallatin River At Logan Mt, Montana
    46° (+-6.12°)
    Stillwater River Near Absarokee Mt, Montana
    44° (+-6.48°)
    Yolo Bypass Nr Woodland Ca, California
    48° (+-7.02°)
    Virgin River At Virgin, Ut, Utah
    42° (+-6.3°)
    Withlacoochee River At Us 84, Near Quitman, Ga, Georgia
    88° (+-15.66°)
    Madison River Near Cameron Mt, Montana
    39° (+-7.2°)
    Still River At Route 7 At Brookfield Center, Ct., Connecticut
    55° (+-11.16°)
    Arkansas River At Granite, Co., Colorado
    32° (+-7.92°)
    Green River At Munfordville, Ky, Kentucky
    62° (+-16.2°)
    Platte River Nr Leshara, Ne, Nebraska
    48° (+-12.96°)
    Trinity Rv Nr Rosser, Tx, Texas
    49° (+-14.94°)
    Saguache Creek Near Saguache, Co., Colorado
    32° (+-10.62°)
    Arkansas River At Canon City, Co., Colorado
    40° (+-19.8°)


    Rivers that have abnormally high streamflows for this time of year

    Heart River Nr Richardton, Nd, North Dakota
    7520cfs (+7494.8cfs)
    Moores Run At Radecke Ave At Baltimore, Md, Maryland
    266cfs (+264.43cfs)
    White R Nr Ne-Sd State Line, South Dakota
    4190cfs (+4163.5cfs)
    Cedar Run Near Catlett, Va, Virginia
    3570cfs (+3541.6cfs)
    Whitemarsh Run At White Marsh, Md, Maryland
    443cfs (+438.27cfs)
    Whitemarsh Run Near Fullerton, Md, Maryland
    166cfs (+163.68cfs)
    Cheyenne R Near Buffalo Gap Sd, South Dakota
    7560cfs (+7448.0cfs)
    Bynum Run At Bel Air, Md, Maryland
    623cfs (+612.8cfs)
    Monocacy River At Bridgeport, Md, Maryland
    8040cfs (+7905.0cfs)
    Beaverdam Creek At Rt 734 Near Mountville, Va, Virginia
    2990cfs (+2939.2cfs)
    S F Catoctin Creek At Rt 698 Near Waterford, Va, Virginia
    1520cfs (+1492.5cfs)
    Broad Run Near Leesburg, Va, Virginia
    3510cfs (+3445.5cfs)
    Honeygo Run Near White Marsh, Md, Maryland
    124cfs (+121.7cfs)
    West Branch Herring Run At Idlewylde, Md, Maryland
    109cfs (+106.36cfs)
    Otter Point Creek Near Edgewood, Md, Maryland
    3780cfs (+3686.3cfs)
    N F Catoctin Creek At Rt 681 Near Waterford, Va, Virginia
    1430cfs (+1394.4cfs)
    Catoctin Creek At Taylorstown, Va, Virginia
    4820cfs (+4695.0cfs)
    S F Quantico Creek Near Independent Hill, Va, Virginia
    232cfs (+225.97cfs)
    Gwynns Falls At Washington Blvd At Baltimore, Md, Maryland
    2330cfs (+2263.9cfs)
    Aquia Creek Near Garrisonville, Va, Virginia
    1320cfs (+1281.8cfs)
    Minebank Run Near Glen Arm, Md, Maryland
    93cfs (+90.89cfs)
    Opequon Creek Near Berryville, Va, Virginia
    1580cfs (+1533.8cfs)
    Little Patuxent River At Guilford, Md, Maryland
    1590cfs (+1541.5cfs)
    Difficult Run Near Great Falls, Va, Virginia
    1940cfs (+1877.4cfs)
    Beaverdam Run At Cockeysville, Md, Maryland
    1050cfs (+1014.2cfs)
    West Conewago Creek At East Berlin, Pa, Pennsylvania
    9590cfs (+9259.0cfs)
    Little Patuxent River At Savage, Md, Maryland
    4290cfs (+4131.0cfs)
    Codorus Creek At Spring Grove, Pa, Pennsylvania
    2160cfs (+2079.4cfs)
    Plumtree Run Near Bel Air, Md, Maryland
    81cfs (+78.55cfs)
    White R Near Oglala Sd, South Dakota
    3370cfs (+3240.0cfs)
    Tar River Near Tar River, Nc, North Carolina
    2590cfs (+2487.0cfs)
    Gwynns Falls At Villa Nova, Md, Maryland
    1020cfs (+976.3cfs)
    Christina River At Coochs Bridge, De, Delaware
    616cfs (+589.6cfs)
    Catoctin Creek Near Middletown, Md, Maryland
    2270cfs (+2168.0cfs)
    West Conewago Creek Near Manchester, Pa, Pennsylvania
    14200cfs (+13544.0cfs)
    Pascack Brook At Park Ridge Nj, New Jersey
    397cfs (+378.4cfs)
    Passage Creek Near Buckton, Va, Virginia
    1730cfs (+1648.2cfs)
    Jones Falls At Sorrento, Md, Maryland
    918cfs (+874.2cfs)
    Long Green Creek At Glen Arm, Md, Maryland
    355cfs (+336.2cfs)
    Goose Creek Near Leesburg, Va, Virginia
    8960cfs (+8481.0cfs)
    N F Goose Creek At Rt 729 Near Lincoln, Va, Virginia
    1160cfs (+1096.1cfs)
    Fine Creek At Fine Creek Mills, Va, Virginia
    393cfs (+370.6cfs)
    Piney Run Near Lovettsville, Va, Virginia
    367cfs (+345.7cfs)
    Little Gunpowder Falls At Laurel Brook, Md, Maryland
    1350cfs (+1271.5cfs)
    Muddy Creek At Castle Fin, Pa, Pennsylvania
    5270cfs (+4962.0cfs)
    Deer Creek At Rocks, Md, Maryland
    3590cfs (+3371.0cfs)
    Deer Creek Near Darlington, Md, Maryland
    5850cfs (+5473.0cfs)
    Big Pipe Creek At Bruceville, Md, Maryland
    2480cfs (+2320.0cfs)
    Rappahannock River Near Fredericksburg, Va, Virginia
    29400cfs (+27470.0cfs)
    Bennett Creek At Park Mills, Md, Maryland
    1440cfs (+1345.2cfs)
    Hawlings River Near Sandy Spring, Md, Maryland
    646cfs (+603.3cfs)
    Winters Run Near Benson, Md, Maryland
    1230cfs (+1146.0cfs)
    Goose Creek Near Middleburg, Va, Virginia
    2720cfs (+2530.0cfs)
    Western Branch At Upper Marlboro, Md, Maryland
    1250cfs (+1162.3cfs)
    Perkiomen Creek At Graterford, Pa, Pennsylvania
    5530cfs (+5142.0cfs)
    Monocacy River At Monocacy Blvd At Frederick, Md, Maryland
    13200cfs (+12267.0cfs)
    Mattawoman Creek Near Pomonkey, Md, Maryland
    791cfs (+734.9cfs)
    Rock Creek At Sherrill Drive Washington, Dc, District of Columbia
    936cfs (+868.9cfs)
    Gunpowder Falls At Hoffmanville, Md, Maryland
    783cfs (+726.0cfs)
    Po River Near Spotsylvania, Va, Virginia
    885cfs (+818.2cfs)
    Haw River Near Bynum, Nc, North Carolina
    12700cfs (+11732.0cfs)
    Monocacy River At Jug Bridge Near Frederick, Md, Maryland
    15100cfs (+13940.0cfs)
    Slate River Near Arvonia, Va, Virginia
    3000cfs (+2767.0cfs)
    Little Falls At Blue Mount, Md, Maryland
    1520cfs (+1401.0cfs)
    Seneca Creek At Dawsonville, Md, Maryland
    3040cfs (+2798.0cfs)
    Beetree Run At Bentley Springs, Md, Maryland
    277cfs (+254.9cfs)
    Rapidan River Near Culpeper, Va, Virginia
    10300cfs (+9478.0cfs)
    Blackbird Creek At Blackbird, De, Delaware
    82cfs (+75.61cfs)
    Codorus Creek At Pleasureville, Pa, Pennsylvania
    4820cfs (+4419.0cfs)
    Buffalo Creek Near Hampden Sydney, Va, Virginia
    683cfs (+626.1cfs)
    Patapsco River At Hollofield, Md, Maryland
    5570cfs (+5102.0cfs)
    Deep River At Moncure, Nc, North Carolina
    12300cfs (+11250.0cfs)
    Spout Run At Rt 621 Near Millwood, Va, Virginia
    406cfs (+370.2cfs)
    West Branch Brandywine Creek At Coatesville, Pa, Pennsylvania
    879cfs (+798.2cfs)
    Codorus Creek Near York, Pa, Pennsylvania
    3660cfs (+3323.0cfs)
    White Clay Creek Near Strickersville, Pa, Pennsylvania
    1130cfs (+1025.0cfs)
    Neshaminy Creek Near Penns Park, Pa, Pennsylvania
    2460cfs (+2230.0cfs)
    Western Run At Western Run, Md, Maryland
    1510cfs (+1368.0cfs)
    Hogue Creek Near Hayfield, Va, Virginia
    189cfs (+171.2cfs)
    Rappahannock River At Remington, Va, Virginia
    10600cfs (+9600.0cfs)
    Rivanna River At Palmyra, Va, Virginia
    9980cfs (+9022.0cfs)
    N F Rivanna River Near Earlysville, Va, Virginia
    1530cfs (+1381.0cfs)
    Morgan Run Near Louisville, Md, Maryland
    510cfs (+457.0cfs)
    Gunpowder Falls Near Parkton, Md, Maryland
    1680cfs (+1503.0cfs)
    Moormans River Near Free Union, Va, Virginia
    1140cfs (+1018.0cfs)
    Swatara Creek At Harper Tavern, Pa, Pennsylvania
    5870cfs (+5240.0cfs)
    East Branch Perkiomen Creek Near Dublin, Pa, Pennsylvania
    156cfs (+139.1cfs)
    Grave Run Near Beckleysville, Md, Maryland
    165cfs (+147.1cfs)
    North Anna River Near Partlow, Va, Virginia
    3340cfs (+2971.0cfs)
    Stony Creek Near Dinwiddie, Va, Virginia
    832cfs (+740.0cfs)
    Swatara Creek Near Pine Grove, Pa, Pennsylvania
    2170cfs (+1926.0cfs)
    Marsh Creek Near Glenmoore, Pa, Pennsylvania
    151cfs (+133.9cfs)
    Hardware River Bl Briery Run Nr Scottsville, Va, Virginia
    1910cfs (+1692.0cfs)
    Pequea Creek At Martic Forge, Pa, Pennsylvania
    2940cfs (+2599.0cfs)
    Opequon Creek Near Martinsburg, Wv, West Virginia
    2880cfs (+2536.0cfs)
    Antietam Creek Near Waynesboro, Pa, Maryland
    1660cfs (+1461.0cfs)
    North Anna River At Hart Corner Near Doswell, Va, Virginia
    4070cfs (+3569.0cfs)
    French Creek Near Phoenixville, Pa, Pennsylvania
    973cfs (+853.0cfs)
    Swatara Creek Near Inwood, Pa, Pennsylvania
    2800cfs (+2451.0cfs)
    Patuxent River Near Unity, Md, Maryland
    544cfs (+475.9cfs)
    Meherrin River Near Lawrenceville, Va, Virginia
    3600cfs (+3142.0cfs)
    Chestnut Creek At Grahamsville Ny, New York
    354cfs (+308.6cfs)
    Conestoga River At Lancaster, Pa, Pennsylvania
    5580cfs (+4839.0cfs)
    Bixler Run Near Loysville, Pa, Pennsylvania
    276cfs (+239.0cfs)
    Nottoway River Near Rawlings, Va, Virginia
    2020cfs (+1748.0cfs)
    Dry Marsh Run Near Berryville, Va, Virginia
    170cfs (+147.1cfs)
    Sherman Creek At Shermans Dale, Pa, Pennsylvania
    3480cfs (+3011.0cfs)
    Appomattox River At Farmville, Va, Virginia
    2440cfs (+2109.0cfs)
    Swatara Creek Near Hershey, Pa, Pennsylvania
    6810cfs (+5880.0cfs)
    Marsh Run At Grimes, Md, Maryland
    227cfs (+195.7cfs)
    Marshyhope Creek Near Adamsville, De, Delaware
    455cfs (+391.9cfs)
    Little River Near Doswell, Va, Virginia
    768cfs (+661.0cfs)
    Aughwick Creek Near Shirleysburg, Pa, Pennsylvania
    3700cfs (+3172.0cfs)
    Conestoga River At Conestoga, Pa, Pennsylvania
    8080cfs (+6920.0cfs)
    Birch Run Near Wagontown, Pa, Pennsylvania
    66cfs (+56.73cfs)
    South Anna River Near Ashland, Va, Virginia
    2670cfs (+2277.0cfs)
    North Branch Raritan River Near Raritan Nj, New Jersey
    2760cfs (+2346.0cfs)
    Towanda Creek Near Monroeton, Pa, Pennsylvania
    1920cfs (+1618.0cfs)
    Robinson River Near Locust Dale, Va, Virginia
    2020cfs (+1696.0cfs)
    Aughwick Creek Near Three Springs, Pa, Pennsylvania
    2260cfs (+1895.0cfs)
    Mechums River Near White Hall, Va, Virginia
    969cfs (+805.0cfs)
    Brandywine Creek At Wilmington, De, Delaware
    4380cfs (+3633.0cfs)
    Middle River Near Grottoes, Va, Virginia
    3040cfs (+2517.0cfs)
    Smith Creek Near New Market, Va, Virginia
    660cfs (+546.0cfs)
    Sawmill Creek At Glen Burnie, Md, Maryland
    61cfs (+50.2cfs)
    Chicamacomico River Near Salem, Md, Maryland
    92cfs (+76.2cfs)
    San Jacinto R Nr Elsinore Ca, California
    151cfs (+123.4cfs)
    Brandywine Creek At Chadds Ford, Pa, Pennsylvania
    3680cfs (+2995.0cfs)
    Yellow Breeches Creek Near Camp Hill, Pa, Pennsylvania
    2980cfs (+2425.0cfs)
    S F Shenandoah River Near Lynnwood, Va, Virginia
    7830cfs (+6360.0cfs)
    S F Shenandoah River Near Luray, Va, Virginia
    10300cfs (+8300.0cfs)
    Totopotomoy Creek Near Studley, Va, Virginia
    195cfs (+156.4cfs)
    South River At Harriston, Va, Virginia
    1670cfs (+1339.0cfs)
    Schuylkill River At Norristown, Pa, Pennsylvania
    18200cfs (+14590.0cfs)
    Antietam Creek Near Sharpsburg, Md, Maryland
    2950cfs (+2351.0cfs)
    Massapequa Creek At Massapequa Ny, New York
    28cfs (+22.47cfs)
    Conococheague Creek At Fairview, Md, Maryland
    4770cfs (+3770.0cfs)
    Unicorn Branch Near Millington, Md, Maryland
    176cfs (+137.1cfs)
    East Branch Brandywine Creek Near Downingtown, Pa, Pennsylvania
    662cfs (+515.0cfs)
    James River At Cartersville, Va, Virginia
    40200cfs (+30820.0cfs)
    Kishacoquillas Creek At Reedsville, Pa, Pennsylvania
    1910cfs (+1421.0cfs)
    Santa Clara Riv Blw Winsor Dam, Nr Santa Clara, Ut, Utah
    165cfs (+121.3cfs)
    Virgin River Ab Quail Creek Near Hurricane, Ut, Utah
    909cfs (+665.0cfs)
    Schuylkill River At Landingville, Pa, Pennsylvania
    1480cfs (+1073.0cfs)
    Quittapahilla Creek Near Bellegrove, Pa, Pennsylvania
    632cfs (+437.0cfs)
    Tuscarora Creek Above Martinsburg, Wv, West Virginia
    104cfs (+66.2cfs)
    Virgin River Near Bloomington, Ut, Utah
    1080cfs (+687.0cfs)
    Spring Creek At Houserville, Pa, Pennsylvania
    322cfs (+199.0cfs)
    Virgin River Near St. George, Ut, Utah
    1110cfs (+637.0cfs)
    Hangman Creek At Spokane, Wa, Washington
    2980cfs (+1530.0cfs)
    Stillwater River At Englewood Oh, Ohio
    1320cfs (+599.0cfs)
    Little White R Near Rosebud Sd, South Dakota
    1820cfs (+800.0cfs)
    Mosier Creek Near Mosier, Or, Oregon
    222cfs (+96.0cfs)
    Rock Ck Nr Battle Mountain, Nv, Nevada
    457cfs (+183.0cfs)
    Wilson Creek Below Corbett Draw Near Almira, Wa, Washington
    859cfs (+337.0cfs)
    Warm Springs River Near Kahneeta Hot Springs, Or, Oregon
    1540cfs (+602.0cfs)
    Beaver Creek, Blw Quartz Cr, Nr Simnasho, Or., Oregon
    558cfs (+180.0cfs)
    Kickapoo River At State Highway 33 At Ontario, Wi, Wisconsin
    472cfs (+149.0cfs)
    Platte R At Louisville Ne, Nebraska
    43600cfs (+13300.0cfs)
    Spring Creek At Milesburg, Pa, Pennsylvania
    647cfs (+189.0cfs)
    Cheyenne R Below Angostura Dam Sd, South Dakota
    7520cfs (+2160.0cfs)
    Tomorrow River Near Nelsonville, Wi, Wisconsin
    98cfs (+26.8cfs)
    Pit R Bl Pit No 1 Ph Nr Fall River Mills Ca, California
    4550cfs (+1110.0cfs)
    Niobrara River Near Sparks, Nebr., Nebraska
    2840cfs (+670.0cfs)
    Kinnickinnic River Near River Falls, Wi, Wisconsin
    808cfs (+181.0cfs)
    Beaver Dam Wash Near Enterprise, Ut, Utah
    34cfs (+7.5cfs)
    Missouri River At Nebraska City, Ne, Nebraska
    202000cfs (+44000.0cfs)
    Root River Near Pilot Mound, Mn, Minnesota
    5350cfs (+1160.0cfs)
    Missouri River At St. Joseph, Mo, Missouri
    296000cfs (+64000.0cfs)
    San Jacinto R Nr San Jacinto, California
    93cfs (+20.2cfs)
    Beaver Creek Nr Trotters, Nd, North Dakota
    1360cfs (+290.0cfs)
    South Fork Zumbro River At Rochester, Mn, Minnesota
    2400cfs (+510.0cfs)
    Long Pine Creek Near Riverview, Nebr., Nebraska
    441cfs (+90.0cfs)
    Hangman Creek At State Line Road Near Tekoa, Wa, Washington
    924cfs (+171.0cfs)
    White R Near Interior Sd, South Dakota
    10900cfs (+1950.0cfs)
    Little Colorado R Abv Lyman Lake Nr St. Johns, Az, Arizona
    162cfs (+28.0cfs)
    North Loup River At Taylor, Nebr., Nebraska
    1540cfs (+260.0cfs)
    Cedar River Near Austin, Mn, Minnesota
    5190cfs (+870.0cfs)
    Cheyenne River Near Wasta,Sd, South Dakota
    11400cfs (+1840.0cfs)
    South Fork Palouse River At Pullman, Wa, Washington
    680cfs (+108.0cfs)
    Platte Creek Near Platte, Sd, South Dakota
    2150cfs (+340.0cfs)
    Brule River At Us Highway 2 Near Florence, Wi, Michigan
    2040cfs (+300.0cfs)
    Solomon R At Beloit, Ks, Kansas
    2420cfs (+310.0cfs)
    Sf Solomon R At Woodston, Ks, Kansas
    393cfs (+48.0cfs)
    Cheyenne R At Edgemont Sd, South Dakota
    4360cfs (+500.0cfs)
    Blue Earth River Near Rapidan, Mn, Minnesota
    29900cfs (+3200.0cfs)
    Horsehead Cr At Oelrichs Sd, South Dakota
    1420cfs (+150.0cfs)
    Vermillion River Near Empire, Mn, Minnesota
    766cfs (+79.0cfs)
    Zumbro River At Kellogg, Mn, Minnesota
    9400cfs (+960.0cfs)
    Willow Creek Abv Willow Cr Lake, Nr Heppner, Or, Oregon
    157cfs (+16.0cfs)
    Hat Cr Near Edgemont Sd, South Dakota
    1570cfs (+160.0cfs)
    White River Near Fort Apache, Az., Arizona
    832cfs (+75.0cfs)
    Solomon R Nr Glen Elder, Ks, Kansas
    2390cfs (+200.0cfs)
    Verde River Near Scottsdale, Az., Arizona
    1220cfs (+80.0cfs)
    Cheyenne River At Redshirt, Sd, South Dakota
    5390cfs (+320.0cfs)
    Spring Ck Abv Twin Buttes Res Nr San Angelo, Tx, Texas
    75cfs (+4.2cfs)
    Waupaca River Near Waupaca, Wi, Wisconsin
    764cfs (+42.0cfs)
    Fox River At Princeton, Wi, Wisconsin
    3340cfs (+170.0cfs)
    Cedar River At Waverly, Iowa, Iowa
    11800cfs (+500.0cfs)
    Missouri River At Waverly, Mo, Missouri
    257000cfs (+10000.0cfs)
    Cajon C Bl Lone Pine C Nr Keenbrook Ca, California
    36cfs (+1.4cfs)
    Palm Cyn C Nr Palm Springs Ca, California
    14cfs (+0.5cfs)
    Peconic River At Riverhead Ny, New York
    54cfs (+1.8cfs)
    Cedar River At Charles City, Ia, Iowa
    9340cfs (+300.0cfs)
    Santa Ynez R A H St Nr Lompoc Ca, California
    133cfs (+4.0cfs)
    Cedar River At Janesville, Ia, Iowa
    13400cfs (+400.0cfs)
    Cannon River At Welch, Mn, Minnesota
    11100cfs (+300.0cfs)
    Missouri River At Kansas City, Mo, Missouri
    235000cfs (+6000.0cfs)
    Big Sioux R At North Cliff Ave At Sioux Falls Sd, South Dakota
    8450cfs (+210.0cfs)
    Salsipuedes C Nr Lompoc Ca, California
    22cfs (+0.5cfs)
    Smoky Hill R Nr Langley, Ks, Kansas
    1520cfs (+30.0cfs)
    Santa Ynez R A Narrows Nr Lompoc Ca, California
    119cfs (+2.0cfs)
    Sweetwater R Nr Descanso Ca, California
    30cfs (+0.5cfs)
    Lemonweir River At New Lisbon, Wi, Wisconsin
    2530cfs (+30.0cfs)
    Rock River Below Tom Creek At Rock Rapids, Ia, Iowa
    7710cfs (+90.0cfs)
    Chattahoochee River At Buford Dam, Near Buford, Ga, Georgia
    8220cfs (+90.0cfs)
    Paradise Cr At University Of Idaho At Moscow Id, Idaho
    132cfs (+1.0cfs)
    Saline R At Wilson Dam, Ks, Kansas
    982cfs (+4.0cfs)
    Carpinteria C Nr Carpinteria Ca, California
    6cfs (+0.0cfs)
    Devil Cyn C Nr San Bernardino Ca, California
    13cfs (+0.0cfs)
    Cristianitos C Ab San Mateo C Nr San Clemente Ca, California
    6cfs (+0.0cfs)
    Sandia C Nr Fallbrook Ca, California
    24cfs (+0.0cfs)
    San Luis Rey R A Oceanside Ca, California
    86cfs (+0.0cfs)
    Des Moines River Near Stratford, Ia, Iowa
    35300cfs (+0.0cfs)
    Little Washita River Near Cyril, Ok, Oklahoma
    298cfs (+0.0cfs)
    Mississippi River At Memphis, Tn, Tennessee
    1550000cfs (+0.0cfs)
    Chattahoochee River At Atlanta, Ga, Georgia
    8870cfs (+-10.0cfs)
    Cache C Nr Lower Lake Ca, California
    3600cfs (+-10.0cfs)
    Cedar River At Waterloo, Ia, Iowa
    32500cfs (+-100.0cfs)
    Etowah River At Allatoona Dam, Abv Cartersville,Ga, Georgia
    8820cfs (+-30.0cfs)
    Black River Blw Pumping Plant, Nr Point Of Pines,, Arizona
    1560cfs (+-10.0cfs)
    Black River Near Fort Apache, Az., Arizona
    2360cfs (+-20.0cfs)
    Salinas R Nr Spreckels Ca, California
    875cfs (+-8.0cfs)
    Etowah River At Ga 1 Loop, Near Rome, Ga, Georgia
    10700cfs (+-100.0cfs)
    Big Sioux River At Akron, Ia, Iowa
    20600cfs (+-200.0cfs)
    Coosawattee River At Carters, Ga, Georgia
    5530cfs (+-70.0cfs)
    Iowa River At Wapello, Ia, Iowa
    73100cfs (+-1000.0cfs)
    Salt River Near Chrysotile, Az., Arizona
    3110cfs (+-50.0cfs)
    Greenwood Release Near Greenwood, Mi, Michigan
    49cfs (+-0.8cfs)
    Steamboat C At Cleanwater Way Nr Reno, Nv, Nevada
    195cfs (+-4.0cfs)
    Rock River At Como, Il, Illinois
    31500cfs (+-700.0cfs)
    Rock River At Byron, Il, Illinois
    30700cfs (+-700.0cfs)
    Crawfish River At Milford, Wi, Wisconsin
    3900cfs (+-90.0cfs)
    Iowa River Near Rowan, Ia, Iowa
    2840cfs (+-70.0cfs)
    Kewaunee River Near Kewaunee, Wi, Wisconsin
    821cfs (+-21.0cfs)
    Beaver Dam River At Beaver Dam, Wi, Wisconsin
    722cfs (+-19.0cfs)
    Mission C A Rnp A Santa Barbara Ca, California
    5cfs (+-0.19cfs)
    Cape Fear R At Wilm O Huske Lock Nr Tarheel, Nc, North Carolina
    10300cfs (+-400.0cfs)
    Languille River At Palestine, Ar, Arkansas
    12200cfs (+-500.0cfs)
    Andreas C Nr Palm Springs Ca, California
    6cfs (+-0.27cfs)
    Santa Paula C Nr Santa Paula, California
    58cfs (+-2.6cfs)
    Rock River At Rockton, Il, Illinois
    26400cfs (+-1200.0cfs)
    Rock River Near Joslin, Il, Illinois
    36800cfs (+-1800.0cfs)
    East Fork Vermillion River Near Parker, Sd, South Dakota
    2530cfs (+-130.0cfs)
    Putah C Nr Winters Ca, California
    1360cfs (+-70.0cfs)
    Ventura R Nr Ventura, California
    132cfs (+-7.0cfs)
    North Loup River Nr St Paul Nebr, Nebraska
    3440cfs (+-190.0cfs)
    Lytle C Nr Fontana Ca, California
    77cfs (+-4.4cfs)
    Piru Creek Above Lake Piru Ca, California
    171cfs (+-10.0cfs)
    Salt River Near Roosevelt, Az., Arizona
    3550cfs (+-210.0cfs)
    Gila River At Calva, Az., Arizona
    2600cfs (+-160.0cfs)
    Big Sioux R At Sioux Falls Sd, South Dakota
    3360cfs (+-210.0cfs)
    Cedar River Near Conesville, Ia, Iowa
    58800cfs (+-3800.0cfs)
    Yellow River At Necedah, Wi, Wisconsin
    3870cfs (+-260.0cfs)
    Winnebago River At Mason City, Ia, Iowa
    4900cfs (+-330.0cfs)
    Willow River @ Willow R State Park Nr Burkhardt,Wi, Wisconsin
    945cfs (+-65.0cfs)
    Des Moines River Blw Raccoon Riv At Des Moines, Ia, Iowa
    39800cfs (+-2800.0cfs)
    Matilija C Nr Res Nr Matilija Hot Springs Ca, California
    80cfs (+-5.8cfs)
    Sisquoc R Nr Sisquoc Ca, California
    207cfs (+-15.0cfs)
    Prairie Creek Nr Silver Creek Nebr, Nebraska
    1370cfs (+-100.0cfs)
    Little Sioux River Near Turin, Ia, Iowa
    16400cfs (+-1200.0cfs)
    City C Nr Highland Ca, California
    34cfs (+-2.7cfs)
    Platte River Nr Leshara, Ne, Nebraska
    21100cfs (+-1700.0cfs)
    Missouri River At Decatur, Ne, Nebraska
    92500cfs (+-7500.0cfs)
    Sf Tule R Nr Reservation Bndry Nr Porterville Ca, California
    245cfs (+-20.0cfs)
    Plunge C Nr East Highlands Ca, California
    28cfs (+-2.4cfs)
    Vermillion River Nr Vermillion Sd, South Dakota
    8270cfs (+-710.0cfs)
    Watonwan River Near Garden City, Mn, Minnesota
    11000cfs (+-1000.0cfs)
    Platte R Nr Ashland, Ne, Nebraska
    33700cfs (+-3200.0cfs)
    Little Cottonwood River Near Courtland, Mn, Minnesota
    2630cfs (+-250.0cfs)
    East Fork Des Moines River At Dakota City, Ia, Iowa
    10100cfs (+-1000.0cfs)
    Ponca Creek At Verdel, Nebr., Nebraska
    3030cfs (+-310.0cfs)
    Rock River Near Rock Valley, Ia, Iowa
    9840cfs (+-1060.0cfs)
    Santa Ynez R Bl Los Laurls Cyn Nr Snta Ynez Ca, California
    317cfs (+-36.0cfs)
    Ocheyedan River Near Spencer, Ia, Iowa
    2410cfs (+-280.0cfs)
    Little Sioux River At Correctionville, Ia, Iowa
    16200cfs (+-1900.0cfs)
    Skunk Cr At Sioux Falls Sd, South Dakota
    4650cfs (+-570.0cfs)
    Pecatonica River Nr Shirland, Ill, Illinois
    14300cfs (+-1800.0cfs)
    North Raccoon River Near Jefferson, Ia, Iowa
    10100cfs (+-1300.0cfs)
    Des Moines River At Fort Dodge, Ia, Iowa
    26100cfs (+-3500.0cfs)
    Salinas R A Soledad Ca, California
    669cfs (+-92.0cfs)
    Elkhorn River At Waterloo, Ne, Nebraska
    15100cfs (+-2100.0cfs)
    Tallulah River Ab Powerhouse, Nr Tallulah Falls,Ga, Georgia
    408cfs (+-57.0cfs)
    Marys Creek At Carlin, Nv, Nevada
    26cfs (+-3.8cfs)
    Black Earth Creek At Black Earth, Wi, Wisconsin
    195cfs (+-29.0cfs)
    Santa Ynez R Bl Gibraltar Dam Nr Snta Brb C Ca, California
    159cfs (+-24.0cfs)
    Deer C Nr Fountain Springs Ca, California
    164cfs (+-26.0cfs)
    North Raccoon River Near Sac City, Ia, Iowa
    4690cfs (+-750.0cfs)
    Ranch Creek Blw Meadow Cr Nr Tabernash Co, Colorado
    505cfs (+-81.0cfs)
    Little Sioux River At Linn Grove, Ia, Iowa
    8480cfs (+-1400.0cfs)
    West Fork Vermillion R Near Parker Sd, South Dakota
    2300cfs (+-380.0cfs)
    Salinas R Nr Chualar Ca, California
    918cfs (+-152.0cfs)
    Raccoon River At 63Rd Street At Des Moines, Ia, Iowa
    18600cfs (+-3100.0cfs)
    Loup River Near Genoa, Nebr., Nebraska
    6520cfs (+-1120.0cfs)
    Cedar River At Cedar Rapids, Ia, Iowa
    41400cfs (+-8600.0cfs)
    Salinas R A Paso Robles Ca, California
    342cfs (+-75.0cfs)
    Pecatonica River At Freeport, Il, Illinois
    6720cfs (+-1620.0cfs)
    Stockade Beaver Creek Near Newcastle, Wy, Wyoming
    57cfs (+-16.0cfs)
    Elkhorn River At Ewing, Nebr., Nebraska
    2660cfs (+-760.0cfs)
    Smoky Hill R Nr Mentor, Ks, Kansas
    1570cfs (+-450.0cfs)
    Des Moines River At Humboldt, Ia, Iowa
    11800cfs (+-3400.0cfs)
    Elkhorn River At Pilger, Ne, Nebraska
    9400cfs (+-2800.0cfs)
    Beaver Creek At Genoa, Nebr., Nebraska
    617cfs (+-185.0cfs)
    Elkhorn River At West Point, Nebr., Nebraska
    7170cfs (+-2150.0cfs)
    North Fork Elkhorn River Near Pierce, Nebr., Nebraska
    1170cfs (+-370.0cfs)
    Missouri River At Rulo, Ne, Nebraska
    225000cfs (+-73000.0cfs)
    Martin C Nr Paradise Valley, Nv, Nevada
    273cfs (+-90.0cfs)
    Coal Creek At Mohler, Wa, Washington
    90cfs (+-34.6cfs)
    Waterman Cyn C Nr Arrowhead Spgs Ca, California
    9cfs (+-3.78cfs)
    Elkhorn R At Norfolk Ne, Nebraska
    5030cfs (+-2160.0cfs)
    Pecatonica River At Martintown, Wi, Wisconsin
    4600cfs (+-2030.0cfs)
    Santa Cruz C Nr Santa Ynez Ca, California
    69cfs (+-34.0cfs)
    Huasna R Nr Arroyo Grande Ca, California
    22cfs (+-11.7cfs)
    Manitowoc River At Manitowoc, Wi, Wisconsin
    3390cfs (+-3340.0cfs)
    Salt River At Priest Drive Near Phoenix, Az., Arizona
    286cfs (+-478.0cfs)