Snow and river data for North America based on the latest snow telemetry, streamflow, and forecasting information. Plan your next day out with the latest snowpack depths and streamflow levels for thousands of locations


Compare snowpack depths and streamflow rates for thousands of locations with the interactive heatmap
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Explore over 2000 watersheds across North America with river levels and current snow conditions
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River Data

Follow streamflow rates for thousands of tributaries from their source down to their primary outlets
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Explore Snow & Water Data

Where does our water come from? Where does it go?

Snowpack Depths

Snowpack forms from layers of snow that accumulate in geographic regions and high altitudes where the climate includes cold weather for extended periods during the year. Snowpacks are an important water resource that feed streams and rivers as they melt. Snoflo provides mountain snowpack data and snowfall accumulations for the western United States. Common applications of these tools include water supply management, flood control, climate modeling, recreation, and conservation planning.
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Watershed Data

A hydrologic unit code is a sequence of numbers or letters that identify a hydrological feature like a river, stream, snow covered area, or a watershed (also called a drainage basin). The USGS maintains a hierarchical system of hydrologic units broken up into regions, sub-regions, accounting units, and cataloging units. Each hydrological area has its own Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC). View hydrology reports by HUC code to get a closer look at river and snow conditions across the US.
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River Levels

"How much water is flowing in this river?" You've come to the right place for an answer. Snoflo has been recording streamflow on thousands of rivers and streams across North America. The majority of water level observations come from the U.S. Geological Survey's national network of streamgages. Some real-time water level information comes from other federal, state, and local streamgage networks.
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