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National Summary

February 20 2024

Across the nation, a variety of winter conditions are impacting waterways, snowpacks, and outdoor recreational activities. In particular, reservoir and stream levels vary across states, with some areas showing signs of surplus and others experiencing lower measurements.

In New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesaukee at Weirs Beach is currently below its average gage height of 3.77 feet, sitting at 3 feet, indicating potential early signs of lower water levels as we approach the end of winter. Similarly, Indian Lake near Indian Lake NY is recording levels below its average of 1645.05 feet, at 1638 feet. Conversely, the Wanaque Reservoir in New Jersey is above its average level, suggesting an ample water supply in this region. Streamflow observations like Maurice River at Union Lake Dam in New Jersey show significant reductions from their average flows, highlighting potential concerns for water availability and ecosystem health. This presents a mixed picture of water resources, ... Read More

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Understanding the climate and water cycle requires a comprehensive insight into hydrology that nobody else can offer. We provide you with crucial tools for water supply management, outdoor recreation, conservation planning, and so much more.

Flood Monitoring

February 20 2024

Severe flooding has swept across the nation, with several towns and cities grappling with rising waters and the aftermath of torrential rains. Critical waterways have surged past normal levels, creating hazardous conditions and prompting widespread evacuations. Key areas affected include Santa Ynez, South Fork Eel, and Lower Ogeechee, where streamflow measurements indicate more than 200% above average levels. In particular, ... Read More

Salt River 612%
Mattole River 681%
Noyo River 673%
Sisquoc River 1916%
Ogeechee River 215%
Sabine River 158%
Apalachicola River 218%
Sacramento River 891%
Flint River 244%
Russian River 793%
Nacimiento River 682%
Oconee River 278%
Neches River 194%
Rush River 825%
Cuyama River 671%
Huasna River 996%
Santa Ynez Watershed 1240%
South Fork Eel Watershed 659%
Lower Ogeechee Watershed 215%
Upper Putah Watershed 861%
Upper Elder-Upper Thomes Watershed 988%
Trinity Watershed 726%
Manatee Watershed 814%
South Fork Trinity Watershed 616%
Upper Marais Des Cygnes Watershed 816%
Lower Oconee Watershed 278%
Middle Neches Watershed 194%
Mattole Watershed 681%
Middle Fork Eel Watershed 625%
San Francisco Bay Watershed 656%
Middle Brazos-Lake Whitney Watershed 943%
San Francisco Coastal South Watershed 703%
Caballo Watershed 773%
Upper Yuba Watershed 719%
Santa Barbara Coastal Watershed 798%
Sacramento Headwaters Watershed 891%
Mojave Watershed 682%
Upper Cache Watershed 903%
Sacramento-Lower Thomes Watershed 706%
Lower Cottonwood Watershed 766%
Lower Butte Watershed 706%
Big-Navarro-Garcia Watershed 673%
Lower Salt Watershed 612%
East Branch North Fork Feather Watershed 770%
Apalachicola Watershed 218%
Tomales-Drake Bays Watershed 768%
Gualala-Salmon Watershed 992%
Coyote Watershed 971%
San Pablo Bay Watershed 679%
Lower West Fork Trinity Watershed 637%
Santa Ana Watershed 1034%
Lower Sabine Watershed 158%
Salinas Watershed 705%
Cuyama Watershed 837%
Lower Sheyenne Watershed 825%
Buffalo-San Jacinto Watershed 953%
Russian Watershed 779%
Santa Maria Watershed 1916%
Ventura Watershed 1131%
Santa Clara Watershed 1864%
Mad-Redwood Watershed 794%
Lower Flint Watershed 244%
South Fork Kern Watershed 737%
Upper Tule Watershed 734%
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Ski Report

February 20 2024

Snow seekers, it's time to grab your gear and head to the slopes! Over the past 24 hours, Nevada's "Midas" station reported a whopping 39 inches of new snow, with a solid base of 63 inches, offering the most generous fresh powder under mostly sunny skies. Not far behind, "Lamoille #3" in Nevada delighted winter enthusiasts with 24 inches of fresh snow. Both areas are near the Ruby Mountains, which are home to the scenic Ruby Mountain Helicopter Skiing for those looking for off-piste adventures. Over in California, "Horse Meadow" and "Forestdale Creek" added 19 and 17 inches respectively, with more scattered snow showers on the horizon, suggesting prime conditions for resorts like Heavenly Mountain Resort near Lake Tahoe.

Looking ahead, the forecast for the next 24-48 hours brings even more excitement, especially for our friends in Alaska. "Exit Glacier" is set to receive an astonishing 67 inches of ... Read More

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