• Snow and river data for North America based on the latest snow telemetry, streamflow, and forecasting information.


    River temperatures that are on the rise around the nation

    L Arkansas R Nr Sedgwick, Ks, Kansas
    64° (+12.24°)
    Baldhill Creek Nr Dazey, Nd, North Dakota
    41° (+7.38°)
    W Fk Trinity Rv At Grand Prairie, Tx, Texas
    79° (+14.04°)
    Clover Ditch Drain At Quinn St Nr Widefield, Colorado
    47° (+8.28°)
    Skeleton Creek At Enid, Ok, Oklahoma
    69° (+12.06°)
    Popple River Near Fence, Wi, Wisconsin
    53° (+9.18°)
    Manitowoc River At Manitowoc, Wi, Wisconsin
    93° (+14.4°)
    Rifle River Near Sterling, Mi, Michigan
    58° (+8.82°)
    Eagle Creek Above Findlay Oh, Ohio
    63° (+9.54°)
    L Bull C Nr Spring Hill, Ks, Kansas
    65° (+9.72°)
    Arroyo De La Laguna A Verona Ca, California
    68° (+10.08°)
    Nooksack River At Ferndale, Wa, Washington
    59° (+8.82°)
    Au Sable River Near Red Oak, Mi, Michigan
    58° (+8.46°)
    Turkey River At Garber, Ia, Iowa
    60° (+8.82°)
    Hart Ditch At Dyer, In, Indiana
    66° (+9.54°)
    Kankakee River At Davis, Ind., Indiana
    64° (+9.0°)
    Little Calumet River At Porter, Ind., Indiana
    65° (+9.0°)
    Sun River At Simms Mt, Montana
    50° (+6.84°)
    Pecos Rv At Fm 3398 Nr Pecos, Texas
    73° (+9.9°)
    Trail Creek At Michigan City, Ind., Indiana
    64° (+8.64°)
    Little Calumet River At Munster, Ind., Indiana
    64° (+8.64°)
    Chikaskia R Nr Corbin, Ks, Kansas
    65° (+8.64°)
    Arkansas R At Great Bend, Ks, Kansas
    62° (+8.1°)
    Eagle Creek At Zionsville, In, Indiana
    63° (+8.28°)
    Little Muskegon River Near Oak Grove, Mi, Michigan
    60° (+7.92°)
    Marias River Near Loma Mt, Montana
    55° (+7.2°)
    Escanaba River At Cornell, Mi, Michigan
    55° (+7.2°)
    North Canadian River Near El Reno, Ok, Oklahoma
    71° (+9.18°)
    Pecos River At Red Bluff, Nm, New Mexico
    71° (+9.18°)
    Pecos Rv At Rr 1776 Nr Grandfalls, Texas
    73° (+9.36°)
    East Branch Neponset River At Canton, Ma, Massachusetts
    78° (+9.9°)
    Sf Nooksack River At Saxon Bridge, Wa, Washington
    53° (+6.66°)
    Cottonwood R Nr Plymouth, Ks, Kansas
    62° (+7.74°)
    Platte River Near Overton, Nebr. (Totflo), Nebraska
    55° (+6.66°)
    Huron River At Milan Oh, Ohio
    66° (+7.92°)
    Yahara River At Windsor, Wi, Wisconsin
    59° (+7.02°)
    Little Blue River Near Lake City, Mo, Missouri
    63° (+7.56°)
    Pine River At High School Bridge Nr Hoxeyville, Mi, Michigan
    56° (+6.66°)
    North Branch Potomac River At Barnum, Wv, West Virginia
    56° (+6.66°)
    Manistee River Near Sherman, Mi, Michigan
    57° (+6.66°)
    Hot C A Flume Nr Mammoth Lakes Ca, California
    68° (+7.92°)
    North Canadian River Near Calumet, Ok, Oklahoma
    68° (+7.92°)
    North Canadian River Near Yukon, Ok, Oklahoma
    68° (+7.74°)
    Pheasant Branch At Middleton, Wi, Wisconsin
    63° (+7.2°)
    Ford River Near Hyde, Mi, Michigan
    54° (+6.12°)
    L Arkansas R At Hwy 50 Nr Halstead, Ks, Kansas
    70° (+7.92°)
    Mongaup River Near Mongaup Ny, New York
    61° (+6.84°)
    Vermilion River Near Vermilion Oh, Ohio
    66° (+7.38°)
    S Wichita Rv Nr Benjamin, Tx, Texas
    73° (+8.1°)
    Chenoweth Run At Ruckriegal Parkway, Ky, Kentucky
    67° (+7.38°)
    Fishtrap Creek At Front Street At Lynden, Wa, Washington
    60° (+6.48°)
    Elk River Above Fayetteville, Tenn., Tennessee
    71° (+7.56°)
    Pecos River Near Malaga, Nm, New Mexico
    70° (+7.38°)
    Anderson Creek At Smith Road Near Goshen, Wa, Washington
    59° (+6.12°)
    North Canadian River Blw Lk Overholser Nr Okc, Ok, Oklahoma
    68° (+7.02°)
    Cedar Creek At Hwy 1442 Near Shepherdsville, Ky, Kentucky
    70° (+7.02°)
    Arroyo Valle Nr Livermore Ca, California
    61° (+6.12°)
    Yellow River At Knox, Ind., Indiana
    62° (+6.12°)
    Bird Creek Near Sperry, Ok, Oklahoma
    69° (+6.66°)
    Kankakee River Near Wilmington, Il, Illinois
    63° (+6.12°)
    Northern Ditch At Okolona, Ky, Kentucky
    70° (+6.66°)
    M Fk Beargrass Cr At Old Cannons Ln At Louisville,, Kentucky
    70° (+6.48°)
    Chenoweth Run At Gelhaus Lane Near Fern Creek, Ky, Kentucky
    69° (+6.3°)
    South Fork Beargrass Creek At Louisville, Ky, Kentucky
    72° (+6.48°)
    Yahara River At State Hwy 113 At Madison, Wi, Wisconsin
    69° (+-6.66°)
    Mud Lick Cr At Hwy 42 Nr Beaverlick, Ky, Kentucky
    64° (+-7.2°)
    Westecunk Creek At Stafford Forge Nj, New Jersey
    65° (+-8.1°)
    Stillwater River Near Absarokee Mt, Montana
    44° (+-6.48°)
    Big Hole River Bl Mudd Cr Nr Wisdom Mt, Montana
    41° (+-6.3°)
    Withlacoochee River At Us 84, Near Quitman, Ga, Georgia
    88° (+-15.66°)
    Madison River Near Cameron Mt, Montana
    39° (+-7.2°)
    Still River At Route 7 At Brookfield Center, Ct., Connecticut
    55° (+-11.16°)
    Green River At Munfordville, Ky, Kentucky
    62° (+-16.2°)
    Wind River Near Kinnear, Wy, Wyoming
    34° (+-15.3°)


    Rivers that have abnormally high streamflows for this time of year

    Pomme De Terre River Near Polk, Mo, Missouri
    13600cfs (+12320.0cfs)
    Walnut Creek At Des Moines, Ia, Iowa
    2560cfs (+2289.0cfs)
    Niangua River At Windyville, Mo, Missouri
    14400cfs (+12820.0cfs)
    Nf Gualala R Ab Sf Gualala R Nr Gualala Ca, California
    359cfs (+315.7cfs)
    Fourmile Creek Near Ankeny, Ia Ds1, Iowa
    2000cfs (+1720.0cfs)
    Nodaway River At Clarinda, Ia, Iowa
    14800cfs (+12300.0cfs)
    Meadow Vly Wash At Eagle Canyon Nr Ursine, Nv, Nevada
    135cfs (+111.0cfs)
    Belle Fourche River Below Moorcroft, Wy, Wyoming
    623cfs (+490.0cfs)
    Big Blue R At Marysville, Ks, Kansas
    13700cfs (+10660.0cfs)
    Rattlesnake C Nr Macksville, Ks, Kansas
    95cfs (+74.5cfs)
    East Nishnabotna River At Red Oak, Ia, Iowa
    7630cfs (+5890.0cfs)
    Beaver Creek At Genoa, Nebr., Nebraska
    1060cfs (+810.0cfs)
    North Clear Creek Bl Continental Reservoir, Co., Colorado
    497cfs (+376.0cfs)
    Little Sac River Near Morrisville, Mo, Missouri
    6890cfs (+5210.0cfs)
    Turkey C Nr Seneca, Ks, Kansas
    4030cfs (+3046.0cfs)
    Little Powder River Ab Dry Creek, Near Weston, Wy, Wyoming
    1460cfs (+1063.0cfs)
    Dolores River At Bedrock, Co., Colorado
    936cfs (+669.0cfs)
    Hat Cr Near Edgemont Sd, South Dakota
    1500cfs (+1062.0cfs)
    West Nishnabotna River At Randolph, Ia, Iowa
    6530cfs (+4540.0cfs)
    Grace Coolidge Cr Nr Game Lodge Nr Custer Sd, South Dakota
    64cfs (+42.1cfs)
    Turnback Creek Above Greenfield, Mo, Missouri
    6910cfs (+4430.0cfs)
    Sac River Near Dadeville, Mo, Missouri
    9640cfs (+6180.0cfs)
    Silver Creek Near Troy, Il, Illinois
    2310cfs (+1474.0cfs)
    Vermilion River At Pontiac, Il, Illinois
    4950cfs (+3100.0cfs)
    Republican R At Scandia, Ks, Kansas
    3600cfs (+2250.0cfs)
    Spring River At Carthage, Mo, Missouri
    19600cfs (+12070.0cfs)
    Bear Creek At Hannibal, Mo, Missouri
    369cfs (+226.0cfs)
    Kaskaskia River At Vandalia, Il, Illinois
    18800cfs (+10540.0cfs)
    Cedar Creek Near Pleasant View, Mo, Missouri
    23500cfs (+12800.0cfs)
    Bear In The Lodge Cr Near Wanblee Sd, South Dakota
    624cfs (+336.0cfs)
    Yellow Bank River Near Odessa, Mn, Minnesota
    2410cfs (+1270.0cfs)
    Lightning C Nr Mccune, Ks, Kansas
    10700cfs (+5420.0cfs)
    Smoky Hill R At Pfeifer, Ks, Kansas
    5310cfs (+2480.0cfs)
    Elkhorn River At West Point, Nebr., Nebraska
    8160cfs (+3610.0cfs)
    Spring River At Larussell, Mo., Missouri
    8190cfs (+3420.0cfs)
    Virgin River Near St. George, Ut, Utah
    1350cfs (+563.0cfs)
    Big Cabin Creek Near Big Cabin, Ok, Oklahoma
    26000cfs (+10600.0cfs)
    South Fork Grand R Near Cash Sd, South Dakota
    1500cfs (+598.0cfs)
    Hurricane Creek Near Mulberry Grove, Il, Illinois
    5780cfs (+2290.0cfs)
    Vermilion River Near Leonore, Il, Illinois
    9350cfs (+3650.0cfs)
    Big Sioux R Near Watertown Sd, South Dakota
    510cfs (+188.0cfs)
    Middle Fork Salt River Near Holliday, Mo, Missouri
    5000cfs (+1830.0cfs)
    Verdigris River Near Claremore, Ok, Oklahoma
    67200cfs (+23600.0cfs)
    Neosho River Near Commerce, Ok, Oklahoma
    102000cfs (+35800.0cfs)
    Elkhorn River At Pilger, Ne, Nebraska
    7450cfs (+2440.0cfs)
    Spring River Near Waco, Mo, Missouri
    49600cfs (+15900.0cfs)
    Virgin River Near Hurricane, Ut, Utah
    805cfs (+254.0cfs)
    Root River Near Franklin, Wi, Wisconsin
    434cfs (+124.0cfs)
    Moreau R Near Faith Sd, South Dakota
    10800cfs (+3060.0cfs)
    Elkhorn R At Norfolk Ne, Nebraska
    6890cfs (+1890.0cfs)
    Sf Solomon R At Osborne, Ks, Kansas
    1940cfs (+520.0cfs)
    Blackwater River At Blue Lick, Mo, Missouri
    13400cfs (+3580.0cfs)
    Macoupin Creek Near Kane, Il, Illinois
    9200cfs (+2350.0cfs)
    Paradise C Nr Paradise, Ks, Kansas
    904cfs (+223.0cfs)
    Moreau R Near Whitehorse Sd, South Dakota
    9220cfs (+2270.0cfs)
    White River Near White River, Sd, South Dakota
    15700cfs (+3800.0cfs)
    Elkhorn River At Ewing, Nebr., Nebraska
    3650cfs (+880.0cfs)
    Gasconade River At Jerome, Mo, Missouri
    38700cfs (+8400.0cfs)
    Pawnee R Nr Burdett, Ks, Kansas
    1300cfs (+280.0cfs)
    Clear Fk Trinity Rv Nr Benbrook, Tx, Texas
    2000cfs (+420.0cfs)
    Neosho River Near Langley, Ok, Oklahoma
    211000cfs (+44000.0cfs)
    Spring Creek Nr Overton, Ne, Nebraska
    113cfs (+23.5cfs)
    Spoon River At Seville, Il, Illinois
    14400cfs (+2900.0cfs)
    Arkansas River At Ft. Smith, Ar., Arkansas
    331000cfs (+65000.0cfs)
    Little Missouri R At Camp Crook Sd, South Dakota
    4740cfs (+910.0cfs)
    Clear Fk Brazos Rv At Hawley, Tx, Texas
    870cfs (+163.0cfs)
    Cahokia Creek At Edwardsville, Il, Illinois
    3540cfs (+660.0cfs)
    Spring River Near Quapaw, Ok, Oklahoma
    95800cfs (+17500.0cfs)
    Firesteel Cr Near Mount Vernon Sd, South Dakota
    2010cfs (+360.0cfs)
    San Joaquin R Bl Friant Ca, California
    6060cfs (+1080.0cfs)
    Marais Des Cygnes R Nr Ks-Mo St Line, Ks, Kansas
    48500cfs (+8400.0cfs)
    Arkansas R Nr Larned, Ks, Kansas
    4090cfs (+660.0cfs)
    Edwards River Near New Boston, Il, Illinois
    4430cfs (+700.0cfs)
    Clear Fk Trinity Rv At Ft Worth, Tx, Texas
    2240cfs (+350.0cfs)
    Sac River Near Caplinger Mills, Mo, Missouri
    23900cfs (+3700.0cfs)
    Big Sioux River Nr Florence Sd, South Dakota
    178cfs (+27.0cfs)
    Deep Fork Near Beggs, Ok, Oklahoma
    14500cfs (+2100.0cfs)
    North Loup River Nr St Paul Nebr, Nebraska
    3650cfs (+510.0cfs)
    Arkansas River Near Haskell, Ok, Oklahoma
    258000cfs (+35000.0cfs)
    White R Near Oacoma Sd, South Dakota
    29700cfs (+4000.0cfs)
    Clear Fk Brazos Rv Nr Noodle, Tx, Texas
    514cfs (+64.0cfs)
    Wichita Rv At Wichita Falls, Tx, Texas
    2980cfs (+350.0cfs)
    Salt C Nr Ada, Ks, Kansas
    2650cfs (+310.0cfs)
    Mississippi River At Winona, Mn, Minnesota
    139000cfs (+16000.0cfs)
    North Canadian River At Woodward, Ok, Oklahoma
    469cfs (+54.0cfs)
    Arkansas R At Great Bend, Ks, Kansas
    6640cfs (+760.0cfs)
    Arkansas River At Tulsa, Ok, Oklahoma
    239000cfs (+26000.0cfs)
    Missouri River At Jefferson City, Mo, Missouri
    394000cfs (+42000.0cfs)
    Loup River Near Genoa, Nebr., Nebraska
    7310cfs (+750.0cfs)
    Washita River At Anadarko, Ok, Oklahoma
    6150cfs (+590.0cfs)
    Big Sioux R Near Castlewood Sd, South Dakota
    801cfs (+75.0cfs)
    Chippewa River Near Milan, Mn, Minnesota
    3870cfs (+360.0cfs)
    Smoky Hill R At Enterprise, Ks, Kansas
    27500cfs (+2400.0cfs)
    Vermillion River Nr Vermillion Sd, South Dakota
    3100cfs (+270.0cfs)
    Marmaton R Nr Fort Scott, Ks, Kansas
    13700cfs (+1100.0cfs)
    Verdigris River Near Lenapah, Ok, Oklahoma
    57600cfs (+4600.0cfs)
    Missouri River At Hermann, Mo, Missouri
    376000cfs (+29000.0cfs)
    Shoal Creek Above Joplin, Mo, Missouri
    7990cfs (+590.0cfs)
    James R Near Scotland Sd, South Dakota
    12700cfs (+900.0cfs)
    Smoky Hill R At Ellsworth, Ks, Kansas
    7120cfs (+480.0cfs)
    Little Osage R. At Horton, Mo, Missouri
    18200cfs (+1200.0cfs)
    Pine Creek Near Clarno, Or, Oregon
    21cfs (+1.4cfs)
    Bad R Near Fort Pierre Sd, South Dakota
    12500cfs (+800.0cfs)
    Androscoggin River At Errol, Nh, New Hampshire
    8360cfs (+520.0cfs)
    Marmaton River Near Nevada, Mo, Missouri
    24200cfs (+1500.0cfs)
    James River Nr Yankton Sd, South Dakota
    12200cfs (+700.0cfs)
    Cimarron River Near Dover, Ok, Oklahoma
    23100cfs (+1200.0cfs)
    Cimarron River Near Waynoka, Ok, Oklahoma
    4940cfs (+220.0cfs)
    Niobrara River Near Sparks, Nebr., Nebraska
    2780cfs (+120.0cfs)
    Middle Loup River At Dunning, Nebr., Nebraska
    818cfs (+34.0cfs)
    Rock Creek Ab Hwy 30/93 Xing At Twin Falls Id, Idaho
    384cfs (+15.0cfs)
    Big Sioux River Near Brookings Sd, South Dakota
    4980cfs (+160.0cfs)
    Rio Grande Floodway Near Bernardo, Nm, New Mexico
    4510cfs (+140.0cfs)
    Leeds Creek Near Leeds, Ut, Utah
    22cfs (+0.7cfs)
    Mississippi River At Prescott, Wi, Wisconsin
    92400cfs (+2800.0cfs)
    Spoon River At London Mills, Il, Illinois
    10200cfs (+300.0cfs)
    Missouri River At Boonville, Mo, Missouri
    356000cfs (+10000.0cfs)
    Santa Clara Riv Blw Winsor Dam, Nr Santa Clara, Ut, Utah
    98cfs (+2.4cfs)
    Rio Grande At Narrows In Elephant Butte Res., Nm, New Mexico
    4160cfs (+100.0cfs)
    White R Nr Ne-Sd State Line, South Dakota
    1710cfs (+40.0cfs)
    Root River Canal Near Franklin, Wi, Wisconsin
    438cfs (+10.0cfs)
    Lac Qui Parle River Near Lac Qui Parle, Mn, Minnesota
    2610cfs (+50.0cfs)
    Big Sioux R At North Cliff Ave At Sioux Falls Sd, South Dakota
    8990cfs (+170.0cfs)
    Big Sioux River Near Bruce, Sd, South Dakota
    2290cfs (+40.0cfs)
    Little White R Near Rosebud Sd, South Dakota
    685cfs (+11.0cfs)
    Beaver River At Beaver, Ok, Oklahoma
    56cfs (+0.8cfs)
    Verdigris R At Coffeyville, Ks, Kansas
    46300cfs (+600.0cfs)
    Arkansas R At Arkansas City, Ks, Kansas
    58200cfs (+700.0cfs)
    Minnesota River At Ortonville, Mn, Minnesota
    2840cfs (+30.0cfs)
    Pawnee R At Rozel, Ks, Kansas
    2010cfs (+20.0cfs)
    Neosho R At Burlington, Ks, Kansas
    25000cfs (+200.0cfs)
    Keya Paha R At Wewela Sd, South Dakota
    2500cfs (+20.0cfs)
    Pecos River Below Sumner Dam, Nm, New Mexico
    1330cfs (+10.0cfs)
    Rio Grande Floodway At San Marcial, Nm, New Mexico
    4100cfs (+30.0cfs)
    West Branch Croton River Near Carmel Ny, New York
    434cfs (+3.0cfs)
    L Arkansas R Nr Sedgwick, Ks, Kansas
    14700cfs (+100.0cfs)
    Platte River At Sharps Station, Mo, Missouri
    16600cfs (+100.0cfs)
    Peshtigo River At Peshtigo, Wi, Wisconsin
    4020cfs (+20.0cfs)
    Solomon R At Niles, Ks, Kansas
    9400cfs (+30.0cfs)
    Michigamme River Near Crystal Falls, Mi, Michigan
    3200cfs (+10.0cfs)
    Sabine Rv Nr Burkeville, Tx, Texas
    48400cfs (+100.0cfs)
    Neosho R Nr Parsons, Ks, Kansas
    51300cfs (+100.0cfs)
    Missouri River At Decatur, Ne, Nebraska
    83500cfs (+100.0cfs)
    Smoky Hill R Nr Langley, Ks, Kansas
    1110cfs (+0.0cfs)
    Santa Fe River Near Santa Fe, Nm, New Mexico
    31cfs (+0.0cfs)
    Pecos River Below Taiban Creek Near Fort Sumner,Nm, New Mexico
    1260cfs (+0.0cfs)
    Whetstone River Near Big Stone City, Sd, South Dakota
    1890cfs (+-10.0cfs)
    N.Umpqua R Abv White Mule Ck, Nr Toketee Falls, Or, Oregon
    484cfs (+-5.0cfs)
    Brazos Rv Nr Highbank, Tx, Texas
    28700cfs (+-300.0cfs)
    Greenwood Release Near Greenwood, Mi, Michigan
    47cfs (+-0.5cfs)
    Brazos Rv At Waco, Tx, Texas
    27300cfs (+-300.0cfs)
    Brazos Rv Nr Aquilla, Tx, Texas
    22100cfs (+-300.0cfs)
    L Arkansas R At Valley Center, Ks, Kansas
    2870cfs (+-40.0cfs)
    Big Sioux R Near Dell Rapids Sd, South Dakota
    6210cfs (+-100.0cfs)
    East Fork Little Blue River Nr Blue Springs, Mo, Missouri
    496cfs (+-9.0cfs)
    Marais Des Cygnes R At La Cygne, Ks, Kansas
    30000cfs (+-600.0cfs)
    Labette C Nr Oswego, Ks, Kansas
    6590cfs (+-140.0cfs)
    East Fork Vermillion River Near Parker, Sd, South Dakota
    890cfs (+-19.0cfs)
    Santa Ana R Nr Mentone (River Only) Ca, California
    216cfs (+-5.0cfs)
    Swift River At West Ware, Ma, Massachusetts
    545cfs (+-14.0cfs)
    Farm Creek At Farmdale, Il, Illinois
    463cfs (+-13.0cfs)
    East Fork Little Chariton R. Nr Macon, Mo, Missouri
    507cfs (+-15.0cfs)
    Peconic River At Riverhead Ny, New York
    58cfs (+-1.8cfs)
    Stillwater River At Englewood Oh, Ohio
    764cfs (+-26.0cfs)
    Kansas R At Fort Riley, Ks, Kansas
    26400cfs (+-900.0cfs)
    Missouri River At Glasgow, Mo, Missouri
    325000cfs (+-12000.0cfs)
    Arkansas R At Wichita, Ks, Kansas
    14500cfs (+-600.0cfs)
    Brazos Rv Nr South Bend, Tx, Texas
    9600cfs (+-400.0cfs)
    Big Sioux R At Sioux Falls Sd, South Dakota
    1620cfs (+-70.0cfs)
    Neosho R Nr Iola, Ks, Kansas
    29800cfs (+-1300.0cfs)
    Menominee River Near Florence, Wi, Michigan
    7230cfs (+-320.0cfs)
    North Loup R At Brewster,Nebr, Nebraska
    2020cfs (+-90.0cfs)
    Redwood River Near Marshall, Mn, Minnesota
    932cfs (+-43.0cfs)
    Verdigris R Nr Altoona, Ks, Kansas
    12800cfs (+-600.0cfs)
    Red Rv Nr Terral, Ok, Oklahoma
    28500cfs (+-1400.0cfs)
    Horsehead Cr At Oelrichs Sd, South Dakota
    1220cfs (+-60.0cfs)
    Rio Grande At Isleta Lakes Nr Isleta, Nm, New Mexico
    4410cfs (+-220.0cfs)
    Rio Grande Nr Alameda, Nm, New Mexico
    4540cfs (+-230.0cfs)
    Kingston C Bl Cougar Canyon Nr Austin, Nv, Nevada
    31cfs (+-1.6cfs)
    Elk R At Elk Falls, Ks, Kansas
    3630cfs (+-190.0cfs)
    North Fork Red River Blw Altus Dam Nr Lugert, Ok, Oklahoma
    1330cfs (+-70.0cfs)
    Recapture Creek Near Blanding, Ut, Utah
    8cfs (+-0.47cfs)
    Rio Grande Floodway At San Acacia, Nm, New Mexico
    4430cfs (+-280.0cfs)
    Menominee River Near Mc Allister, Wi, Wisconsin
    17000cfs (+-1100.0cfs)
    Yellow Medicine River Near Granite Falls, Mn, Minnesota
    2410cfs (+-160.0cfs)
    White River At Center Street At Lake Geneva, Wi, Wisconsin
    210cfs (+-14.0cfs)
    Menominee River At Niagara, Wi, Wisconsin
    9280cfs (+-620.0cfs)
    Rio Grande Below Cochiti Dam, Nm, New Mexico
    4530cfs (+-310.0cfs)
    Rio Grande Ab Mouth Trinchera C Nr Lasauses, Co., Colorado
    965cfs (+-75.0cfs)
    Rio Grande At San Felipe, Nm, New Mexico
    4430cfs (+-350.0cfs)
    Little Minnesota River Near Peever, Sd, South Dakota
    1370cfs (+-110.0cfs)
    Bird Creek Near Sperry, Ok, Oklahoma
    19900cfs (+-1600.0cfs)
    North Loup River At Taylor, Nebr., Nebraska
    2470cfs (+-200.0cfs)
    Kansas R Nr Belvue, Ks, Kansas
    30400cfs (+-2500.0cfs)
    Menominee River At Koss, Mi, Michigan
    15600cfs (+-1300.0cfs)
    Kansas R At Wamego, Ks, Kansas
    31000cfs (+-2600.0cfs)
    South Fork Salt River Above Santa Fe, Mo, Missouri
    2940cfs (+-250.0cfs)
    Rio Grande At Albuquerque, Nm, New Mexico
    4260cfs (+-370.0cfs)
    Saline R Nr Russell, Ks, Kansas
    2390cfs (+-210.0cfs)
    Green River Near Geneseo, Il, Illinois
    4940cfs (+-460.0cfs)
    Wisconsin River @ Rainbow Lake Nr Lake Tomahawk,Wi, Wisconsin
    2180cfs (+-210.0cfs)
    Menominee River Near Vulcan, Mi, Michigan
    11200cfs (+-1100.0cfs)
    Verdigris R Nr Virgil, Ks, Kansas
    3160cfs (+-330.0cfs)
    Bluff Creek Nr Buttermilk, Ks, Kansas
    737cfs (+-79.0cfs)
    Brule River Near Commonwealth, Wi, Wisconsin
    3450cfs (+-380.0cfs)
    Cheyenne R Near Plainview Sd, South Dakota
    59100cfs (+-6600.0cfs)
    Caney River Above Coon Creek At Bartlesville, Ok, Oklahoma
    13300cfs (+-1500.0cfs)
    Arkansas R Nr Maize, Ks, Kansas
    29000cfs (+-3300.0cfs)
    Bird Ck At State Highway 266 Near Catoosa, Ok, Oklahoma
    27600cfs (+-3300.0cfs)
    Platte Creek Near Platte, Sd, South Dakota
    1330cfs (+-160.0cfs)
    Rattlesnake C Nr Zenith, Ks, Kansas
    298cfs (+-36.0cfs)
    Red Cedar River Near Colfax, Wi, Wisconsin
    4290cfs (+-540.0cfs)
    Niobrara River Nr. Verdel, Nebr., Nebraska
    14200cfs (+-1800.0cfs)
    L Arkansas R At Hwy 50 Nr Halstead, Ks, Kansas
    8320cfs (+-1110.0cfs)
    Grand River Near Sumner, Mo, Missouri
    70700cfs (+-9700.0cfs)
    Menominee River At White Rapids Dam Near Banat, Mi, Michigan
    13100cfs (+-1800.0cfs)
    North Fork Red River Near Tipton, Ok, Oklahoma
    8440cfs (+-1250.0cfs)
    Neosho R At Council Grove, Ks, Kansas
    1120cfs (+-170.0cfs)
    Arkansas River At Ralston, Ok, Oklahoma
    157000cfs (+-24000.0cfs)
    Arkansas R Nr Hutchinson, Ks, Kansas
    12000cfs (+-1900.0cfs)
    Walnut C At Albert, Ks, Kansas
    1540cfs (+-250.0cfs)
    Arkansas R At Derby, Ks, Kansas
    31500cfs (+-5200.0cfs)
    Red Cedar River At Menomonie, Wi, Wisconsin
    6010cfs (+-1000.0cfs)
    Washita River At Alex, Ok, Oklahoma
    8300cfs (+-1460.0cfs)
    Skunk Cr At Sioux Falls Sd, South Dakota
    1240cfs (+-220.0cfs)
    L Arkansas R At Alta Mills, Ks, Kansas
    6910cfs (+-1230.0cfs)
    North Canadian River Near El Reno, Ok, Oklahoma
    3270cfs (+-600.0cfs)
    Belle Fourche R Near Sturgis Sd, South Dakota
    14900cfs (+-2900.0cfs)
    Henderson Creek Near Oquawka, Il, Illinois
    4400cfs (+-870.0cfs)
    Chippewa River At Durand, Wi, Wisconsin
    50700cfs (+-10600.0cfs)
    Santa Clara River Abv Baker Res Nr Central, Ut, Utah
    70cfs (+-15.0cfs)
    West Fork Vermillion R Near Parker Sd, South Dakota
    674cfs (+-144.0cfs)
    Wyaconda River Above Canton, Mo, Missouri
    4900cfs (+-1050.0cfs)
    Keya Paha R Near Keyapaha Sd, South Dakota
    727cfs (+-165.0cfs)
    Niobrara River At Mariaville, Ne, Nebraska
    4520cfs (+-1040.0cfs)
    North Canadian River Near Harrah, Ok, Oklahoma
    9250cfs (+-2250.0cfs)
    Kansas R At Topeka, Ks, Kansas
    30800cfs (+-7600.0cfs)
    Washita River Near Pauls Valley, Ok, Oklahoma
    9420cfs (+-2380.0cfs)
    North Fork Red River Near Headrick, Ok, Oklahoma
    7550cfs (+-1970.0cfs)
    Black Bear Creek At Pawnee, Ok, Oklahoma
    10600cfs (+-2800.0cfs)
    North Canadian River At Shawnee, Ok, Oklahoma
    17800cfs (+-5000.0cfs)
    Fondulac Creek Near East Peoria, Il, Illinois
    130cfs (+-39.0cfs)
    Bird Creek Near Owasso, Ok, Oklahoma
    28700cfs (+-8700.0cfs)
    Kansas R At Desoto, Ks, Kansas
    46100cfs (+-14100.0cfs)
    Smoky Hill R Bl Schoenchen, Ks, Kansas
    587cfs (+-189.0cfs)
    North Canadian River Near Calumet, Ok, Oklahoma
    1930cfs (+-660.0cfs)
    Middle Branch Escanaba River Nr Princeton, Mi, Michigan
    1240cfs (+-430.0cfs)
    Salt Fork Arkansas River Nr Alva, Ok, Oklahoma
    1550cfs (+-540.0cfs)
    Mulberry C Nr Salina, Ks, Kansas
    1120cfs (+-400.0cfs)
    Tar Creek At 22Nd Street Bridge, Miami, Ok, Oklahoma
    1630cfs (+-590.0cfs)
    Ponca Creek At Verdel, Nebr., Nebraska
    2790cfs (+-1070.0cfs)
    Washita River Near Hammon, Ok, Oklahoma
    779cfs (+-301.0cfs)
    Cottonwood R Nr Plymouth, Ks, Kansas
    18300cfs (+-7200.0cfs)
    Belle Fourche River Near Elm Springs, South Dakota
    22300cfs (+-8800.0cfs)
    South Creek Above Reservoir Near Monticello, Ut, Utah
    9cfs (+-3.78cfs)
    Black Pipe Creek Nr Belvidere, Sd, South Dakota
    667cfs (+-274.0cfs)
    N Cottonwood R Bl Marion Lk, Ks, Kansas
    973cfs (+-417.0cfs)
    Smoky Hill R Nr Russell, Ks, Kansas
    4670cfs (+-2040.0cfs)
    Big C Nr Hays, Ks, Kansas
    388cfs (+-175.0cfs)
    Canadian River At Bridgeport, Ok, Oklahoma
    4370cfs (+-1980.0cfs)
    Beaver Ck Nr Electra, Tx, Texas
    3420cfs (+-1570.0cfs)
    Sf Solomon R At Woodston, Ks, Kansas
    823cfs (+-407.0cfs)
    White R Near Oglala Sd, South Dakota
    2780cfs (+-1390.0cfs)
    Big Creek Near Blairstown, Mo, Missouri
    6640cfs (+-3330.0cfs)
    Cimarron River Near Buffalo, Ok, Oklahoma
    2560cfs (+-1290.0cfs)
    Solomon R Nr Minneapolis, Ks, Kansas
    3710cfs (+-1880.0cfs)
    Saline R At Tescott, Ks, Kansas
    4320cfs (+-2240.0cfs)
    Ninnescah R Nr Peck, Ks, Kansas
    7390cfs (+-3910.0cfs)
    Walnut R At Winfield, Ks, Kansas
    28800cfs (+-15400.0cfs)
    Hords Ck Nr Coleman, Tx, Texas
    39cfs (+-21.9cfs)
    Mussel Fork Near Musselfork, Mo, Missouri
    4220cfs (+-2320.0cfs)
    Salt Fork Arkansas River At Tonkawa, Ok, Oklahoma
    23000cfs (+-13000.0cfs)
    Verdigris R At Independence, Ks, Kansas
    29300cfs (+-16600.0cfs)
    Belle Fourche R Near Fruitdale Sd, South Dakota
    3800cfs (+-2170.0cfs)
    North Fork Red River Near Carter, Ok, Oklahoma
    615cfs (+-375.0cfs)
    Salt River Near Shelbina, Mo, Missouri
    5990cfs (+-3660.0cfs)
    Wakenda Creek At Carrollton, Mo., Missouri
    3660cfs (+-2350.0cfs)
    Sf Ninnescah R Nr Murdock, Ks, Kansas
    1440cfs (+-950.0cfs)
    North Canadian River Near Yukon, Ok, Oklahoma
    4320cfs (+-2910.0cfs)
    Medicine Lodge R Nr Kiowa, Ks, Kansas
    2730cfs (+-1950.0cfs)
    Pottawatomie C At Lane, Ks, Kansas
    6250cfs (+-4750.0cfs)
    Little White R Below White River Sd, South Dakota
    1490cfs (+-1140.0cfs)
    North Canadian River Blw Lk Overholser Nr Okc, Ok, Oklahoma
    5270cfs (+-4100.0cfs)
    Smoky Hill R Nr Arnold, Ks, Kansas
    310cfs (+-248.0cfs)
    Caney River Near Ramona, Ok, Oklahoma
    26600cfs (+-21400.0cfs)
    North Canadian River Near Seiling, Ok, Oklahoma
    1090cfs (+-880.0cfs)
    North Canadian River At Britton Rd At Okc, Ok, Oklahoma
    7570cfs (+-6330.0cfs)
    Brazos Rv At Seymour, Tx, Texas
    3760cfs (+-3160.0cfs)
    Cow C Nr Lyons, Ks, Kansas
    2440cfs (+-2080.0cfs)
    Cimarron River Near Guthrie, Ok, Oklahoma
    25400cfs (+-22300.0cfs)
    Long Pine Creek Near Riverview, Nebr., Nebraska
    849cfs (+-761.0cfs)
    Smoky Hill R Nr Mentor, Ks, Kansas
    2540cfs (+-2410.0cfs)
    Walnut Creek At Purcell, Ok, Oklahoma
    706cfs (+-684.0cfs)
    Smoky Hill R At Lindsborg, Ks, Kansas
    1840cfs (+-1830.0cfs)
    Chikaskia R Nr Corbin, Ks, Kansas
    2330cfs (+-2350.0cfs)
    Cheyenne River Near Wasta,Sd, South Dakota
    8080cfs (+-8320.0cfs)
    Rapid Cr Near Farmingdale Sd, South Dakota
    1070cfs (+-1170.0cfs)
    Nf Ninnescah R Ab Cheney Re, Ks, Kansas
    1520cfs (+-1700.0cfs)
    Elk Cr Near Elm Springs Sd, South Dakota
    1990cfs (+-2300.0cfs)
    Marais Des Cygnes R Nr Ottawa, Ks, Kansas
    6450cfs (+-10350.0cfs)
    South Fork Bad R Near Cottonwood Sd, South Dakota
    1050cfs (+-2460.0cfs)
    Cimarron River Near Ripley, Ok, Oklahoma
    27500cfs (+-95500.0cfs)