Snoflo Premium Gives You More

Why Go Premium?

Premium Mapping

Premium users enjoy advanced features on the interactive map, with access to professional map layers including percent of normal, seasonal volatility, and 24 hour delta for snowpack, streamflow, reservoirs, and groundwater locations.

Advanced Forecasting

Access hourly weather forecasts for the next 5 days, with our tuned snow predictions and the latest weather discussions. Snoflo algorithms analyze immense amounts of environmental data to formulate flow predictions for thousands of tributaries.

Watershed & River Statistics

Access enhanced metrics and statistical reporting for thousands of hydrologic areas and tributaries. From the regional level down to the watershed, Snoflo Premium gives you interactive statistical heat maps with seasonal volatility, percent of normal, peak records, and more.

Seasonal Analysis

Use the almanac to compare daily changes in vital hydrologic metrics over the years and understand the effects of climate change.

Access the multi-year seasonal comparison and get detailed insights into snowpack and discharge through the years.

Interactive charts give you control over records and peak data throughout the years for thousands of locations across the nation.


Create your own custom reports and compare any streamflow, snowpack, reservoir, or groundwater sensor across the nation. Pick and choose any combination of hydrologic sensors and access geographical data, interactive charts, statistical data, and more.
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