United States South-Dakota

Chalkrock WMA

Based on the available information, the Chalkrock WMA boat ramp is located in South Dakota and has a latitude of 42.79891586 and a longitude of -97.37444305. It is unclear what kind of boat ramp it is, whether it is a concrete ramp, gravel ramp or other type of ramp.

The width of the boat ramp is also unknown, as there is no information available about its dimensions or capacity.

This boat ramp services a body of water in South Dakota, however, the exact water body it services is not specified. It could be a lake, river, or other type of waterway.

The kind of craft that are permitted on the water also remains unclear, as there is not enough information available to make any definitive statements. It is possible that the Chalkrock WMA boat ramp permits all kinds of watercraft, including motorized boats, kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards, but this cannot be confirmed without further information.

In order to verify the accuracy of this information, it would be necessary to conduct further research, consult with local authorities or individuals familiar with the area, or visit the site in person. Get driving directions.

Streamgauge Streamflow
Big Sioux River Near Bruce
USGS 06479770
167 cfs
James R Near Forestburg Sd
USGS 06477000
547 cfs
Big Sioux R At Watertown Sd
USGS 06479500
67 cfs
North Fork Elkhorn River Near Pierce
USGS 06799100
135 cfs
Big Sioux River Near Brookings Sd
USGS 06480000
252 cfs
Logan Creek At Wakefield
USGS 06799445
137 cfs
Big Sioux R Near Castlewood Sd
USGS 06479525
107 cfs