Indiana Flow Report

June 20, 2024

Streamflow levels across Indiana are currently 34.0% of normal, with the Wabash River At New Harmony reporting the highest discharge in the state with 13500cfs and gauge stage of 3.3 ft. Meanwhile, the Maumee River At Fort Wayne is seeing a spike in streamflows today after experiencing a 70.23% increase since yesterday, and currently running at 366cfs.

Maximum gauge stage in the state was last observed at the St. Joseph River At Elkhart, currently reporting a stage of 19.26ft. The Indiana Harbor Canal At East Chicago in the Little Calumet-Galien watershed is surging for this time of year at 1340cfs, about 22.01% of normal.

Surface Flow Characteristics

Indiana is a state with a diverse range of hydrological features, including major rivers like the Ohio, Wabash, and White, as well as numerous smaller tributaries and streams. The state's reservoirs and dams also play an important role in managing water resources and providing hydroelectric power. Climate conditions vary widely across Indiana, with hot, humid summers and cold winters. Precipitation is generally evenly distributed throughout the year, with occasional severe weather events like floods and droughts. In terms of snowpack, the state typically receives moderate levels of snowfall, which can impact river flows and water availability in the spring. Overall, the complex interplay of factors like climate, topography, and land use make water management a crucial issue for Indiana's communities and ecosystems.

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