Utah Groundwater

Groundwater levels for regions across utah

Water is naturally stored below the surface of the ground between the cracks and fractures in 'pools' refered to as aquifiers. The depth at which water is found is considered to be the water table. In fact, there is more water under us in the water table than all the surface water across groundwaters and lakes combined. This is the reason that groundwater is the primary source for 'useable' water in the nation.

USGS Site State 24hr Change (%) vs Average (%) Volatility (%)
(D-36-22)22daa- 1
USGS 373830109283201
Utah -0.09 4.25 3.66
(D-34-26) 4dad- 1
USGS 375050109034801
Utah 0.22 10.31 8.28

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