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February 27, 2024

Across the nation, current observations reveal a complex picture of snowfall, reservoir levels, and avalanche dangers that impact both climate patterns and outdoor recreational activities. In the Eastern regions, particularly New Hampshire, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, streamflow levels remain moderate with no immediate threat of flooding or significant drought conditions, suggesting stable conditions for local water resources and activities such as river rafting. Ski areas have not reported significant new snowfall, indicating a lull in fresh skiing conditions.

Turning to the West, California and Nevada are experiencing considerable snow forecasts, with snowfall reports reaching up to 90 inches at higher elevations such as the Css Lab in California. This is likely to bolster conditions for winter sports in the Sierra Nevada region. However, the heavy snow also triggers considerable avalanche warnings by the Sierra Avalanche Center, necessitating cautious route-finding and conservative decision-making for backcountry travelers. Reservoir levels in this region ... Read More

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