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March 2, 2024

As winter transitions into spring across the nation, varying snow and avalanche conditions are observed, impacting both water resources and outdoor recreational activities. The current status of reservoirs indicates that Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, Indian Lake in New York, and Greenwood Lake in New Jersey are holding water levels slightly below their averages, which may suggest a conservative approach to water usage or the need for increased precipitation in these areas. In contrast, reservoirs such as Wanaque Reservoir in New Jersey and General Edgar Jadwin Reservoir in Pennsylvania are experiencing levels above their averages, implicating potentially higher capacity for water storage and supply.

Significant snowfalls have been recorded at several ski areas, particularly in the western states. For instance, Mt. Rose Ski Area in Nevada and Lobdell Lake in California have reported substantial new snow, enhancing conditions for winter sports enthusiasts while also contributing to the water supply ... Read More

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