Aleutian Range

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September 21 2023

Aleutian Range

The Aleutian Range is a mountain range that stretches approximately 1,200 miles across Alaska's southern coast. The range is known for its volcanic activity, which has shaped the landscape over millions of years. Some of the notable peaks in the Aleutian Range include Mount Shishaldin, Mount Pavlof, and Mount Redoubt. The highest peak in the range is Mount Veniaminof, which stands at 8,225 feet. The range is also home to several significant rivers, including the Aniakchak River, the Ugashik River, and the Chignik River. The range's unique hydrology is shaped by its active volcanoes, which create hot springs and geysers. Interesting facts about the range include its connection to the Ring of Fire, its role in World War II as a strategic location for military bases, and its importance to indigenous peoples who have lived in the region for thousands of years.

Peak Elevation
Mt. Redoubt 10197
Mount Katmai 6715
Aniakchak 4400

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