Central American Ranges

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September 21 2023

Central American Ranges

The Central American Range is a mountain range that stretches from Mexico through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. The range is believed to have formed over 60 million years ago due to volcanic activity and tectonic movement. The highest peak in Central America, and one of the most notable peaks in the range, is Volcán Tajumulco, which stands at 4,220 meters above sea level in Guatemala. Other notable peaks include Volcán Acatenango in Guatemala and Cerro Chirripó in Costa Rica. The range is significant hydrologically as it is the source of many rivers and tributaries, including the Lempa River in El Salvador and the Changuinola River in Panama. Interesting facts about the Central American Range include its role as a habitat for various endangered species, including the Central American squirrel monkey, and its association with ancient Mayan ruins, such as those found in Guatemala's Tikal National Park.

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