Columbia Mountains

Mountain Ranges & Summits

Peak State Elevation
Mount Spokane Washington 5883

Snowpack Levels

Columbia Mountains
Snow Sensor Snowpack (inches) SWE (inches) Elevation (ft)
SCHWEITZER BASIN 86.0 28.5 6090
SANDPOINT 13.9 NE, ID 17.0 5.44 2720
SANDPOINT 10.3 NNE, ID 19.0 5.966 2247
ATHOL 1.5 ENE, ID 10.5 3.3705 2444

Streamflow Conditions

Columbia Mountains
Streamgauge Streamflow (cfs) Gage Height (ft) Elevation (ft)
PACK RIVER NR COLBURN ID 59.4 16.19 2101.0


Columbia Mountains
Watershed Acreage
Pend Oreille Lake 776185.24

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