New England Upland

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June 2 2023

New England Upland

The New England Upland Mountain Range stretches from northern Connecticut to central Maine and is a prominent feature of the region's geography. The range is primarily composed of metamorphic rock and has a rich history of mining and quarrying. Notable peaks include Mount Greylock in Massachusetts, Mount Washington in New Hampshire, and Katahdin in Maine. These peaks are popular destinations for hikers and offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The highest peak in the range is Mount Washington, standing at 6,288 feet. The range also has significant hydrology, with the Connecticut River, Merrimack River, and Androscoggin River all originating in the range. Interesting facts about the New England Upland Mountain Range include its role in the American Revolution as a strategic location for military communication and the formation of the Appalachian Trail, which passes through the range.

Peak Elevation
North Pack Monadnock 2276
Mount Monadnock 3165
Dorr Mountain 1265
Cadillac Mountain 1533
Holt Hill 420

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