Southern Appalachian Ridges

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May 21 2024

Southern Appalachian Ridges

The Southern Appalachian Ridges mountain range covers a vast area of the eastern United States, spanning 1,500 miles along the Appalachian Mountains. The range includes notable peaks such as Mount Mitchell in North Carolina, which is the highest peak east of the Mississippi River. Other notable peaks include Mount Rogers in Virginia and Clingmans Dome in Tennessee. The range is known for its significant hydrology, with the headwaters of major rivers such as the Tennessee, Cumberland, and Chattahoochee all originating in the Southern Appalachians. The Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic drive that stretches 469 miles from Virginia to North Carolina, is a popular attraction in the region. The Southern Appalachians are also home to unique plant and animal species, including the endangered Carolina northern flying squirrel. The range has a rich history, with Native Americans and early settlers utilizing the resources of the mountains for centuries.

Peak Elevation
Buckhorn Knob 4069
Shining Rock 5940
Table Rock 3890
Pinnacle Mountain 3415
Cheaha Mountain 2405

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Mountain Activities

1. Hiking: The Southern Appalachian Ridges offer countless hiking trails, varying in difficulty and length. Some popular trails within the range include the Appalachian Trail, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hiking allows visitors to experience the stunning natural beauty of the mountains, as well as observe diverse wildlife and plant species.

2. Rock Climbing: The rugged terrain of the Southern Appalachian Ridges provides ample opportunities for rock climbing enthusiasts. Popular climbing destinations within the range include Linville Gorge, Looking Glass Rock, and Chimney Rock State Park. Climbers can challenge themselves on a variety of routes, ranging from beginner-friendly to advanced.

3. Camping: Camping is a popular outdoor recreational activity in the Southern Appalachian Ridges, with numerous campgrounds and backcountry camping options available. Visitors can enjoy sleeping under the stars, cooking over a campfire, and immersing themselves in the tranquility of the mountains. Popular camping destinations within the range include Pisgah National Forest, Nantahala National Forest, and Cherokee National Forest.

4. Mountain Biking: The Southern Appalachian Ridges offer a variety of mountain biking trails, ranging from smooth, beginner-friendly paths to rugged, advanced terrain. Popular mountain biking destinations within the range include Tsali Recreation Area, DuPont State Forest, and Unicoi State Park. Cyclists can enjoy scenic views, challenging climbs, and thrilling descents as they explore the mountains on two wheels.

5. Fishing: The rivers, streams, and lakes of the Southern Appalachian Ridges provide excellent opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. Popular fishing spots within the range include the Davidson River, Watauga River, and Fontana Lake. Anglers can try their luck at catching a variety of fish species, including trout, bass, and catfish, while enjoying the peaceful surroundings of the mountains.

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