Lower Snake

Put in anywhere is Keystone and run to the lake. Although this run must classify as III+, it is boring considering its gradient with little play, but not enough vert for the creek boat! Beautiful scenery and a surf wave in the Hwy 9 tunnel round out this run.

Suggested river levels for paddling this section of the Snake Of The Blue are between a bare minimum of 250cfs and a high of 400cfs. River conditions sourced from USGS 09047500, the Snake River Near Montezuma Remember only watercraft are permitted at Lower Snake.

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Whitewater Rapids

Obstacles on the river run
Bridge Surf Wave
Class I

Area Hydrology

Gauge Streamflow Stage
Bemrose-Hoosier Diversion Near Hoosier Pass
USGS 09044300
6 cfs 0.5 ft
Willow Creek Below Willow Creek Reservoir
USGS 09021000
247 cfs 4.3 ft
Colorado River Below Lake Granby
USGS 09019000
71 cfs 3.8 ft
Bobtail Creek Near Jones Pass
USGS 09034900
34 cfs 3.6 ft
Fraser River At Upper Sta
USGS 09022000
33 cfs 1.4 ft
South Platte River Near Lake George
USGS 06696000
209 cfs 1.6 ft
Cabin Creek Near Fraser
USGS 09032100
14 cfs 2.3 ft
South Clear Creek Abv Lower Cabin Creek Reservoir
USGS 06714400
16 cfs 5.5 ft
Lake Creek Above Twin Lakes Reservoir
USGS 07084500
1,080 cfs 5.1 ft
Williams Fork Near Leal
USGS 09036000
353 cfs 2.9 ft
Snotel Site Snowpack 24hr Change

Outdoor Recreation

Campground Campsites Reservations Toilets Showers Elevation
Lodgepole - Jefferson 34 9,960 ft
Fourmile 14 10,824 ft
Lowry 24 9,068 ft
St. Louis Creek 17 8,859 ft
Peak One 74 9,030 ft
Byers Creek 6 9,352 ft
Aspen 12 9,956 ft
Michigan Creek 12 10,076 ft
Heaton Bay 81 9,072 ft
Jefferson Creek 17 10,117 ft
Sugar Loaf 11 8,989 ft
Pine Cove 56 9,022 ft
Selkirk 15 10,488 ft
Prospector 107 9,105 ft
Horseshoe 19 10,538 ft
Ski Area Snowpack Air Temperature 5 Day Forecast
Arapahoe Basin 57" 54° 21.7"
Loveland 57" 54° 21.7"
Keystone Resort 36" 60° 24.66"
Ski Cooper 29" 58° 17.23"
Copper Mountain Resort 48" 60° 15.68"
Breckenridge Ski Resort 48" 60° 15.68"
Ski Estes Park (Hidden Valley) 42" 63° 22.05"
SolVista Basin at Granby Ranch 57" 47° 6.06"
River Run Streamflow Length Class
Lower Snake 14.2cfs 4.0 Mi III to III+
Upper-Upper Ten Mile 60.5cfs 3.0 Mi III+ to IV-
Milk Run 183.0cfs 4.0 Mi II+ to III-
Upper Blue (Blue River CG to Columbine Landing) 179.0cfs 3.0 Mi III to IV-
Buena Vista Whitewater Park 796.0cfs 1.0 Mi II+ to III+
Upper Gore Creek 56.9cfs 4.0 Mi II+ to III
Pine Creek (Granite to Numbers) 183.0cfs 6.0 Mi III+ to V-
Fractions 183.0cfs 7.0 Mi III to III+
Upper Ten Mile 60.5cfs 2.0 Mi IV+ to V
Silverthorne Town Run 42.4cfs 0.5 Mi II to III-
Lower Ten Mile 60.5cfs 3.0 Mi II to III
Upper Gore Creek 56.9cfs 4.0 Mi II+ to III
Middle Ten Mile 60.5cfs 3.0 Mi III+ to IV
Breckenridge Whitewater Park (Town Run) 55.7cfs 0.25 Mi II+ to III
Numbers 183.0cfs 4.9 Mi III+ to IV+