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38th & Normandie Park

April 14, 2024

38th & Normandie Park is a beautiful public park located in the state of California. The park is situated in the heart of Los Angeles and provides a peaceful retreat for visitors. There are many good reasons to visit the park, including its lush greenery, scenic beauty, and recreational activities. The park is also home to several points of interest, including the Normandie Avenue Elementary School, which has an outstanding reputation for its academic excellence, and the 38th Street School, which is a historic landmark.

The park is an excellent place for outdoor enthusiasts, offering several activities such as hiking, jogging, and biking. The park also has a playground for young children and picnic areas that are perfect for family outings. The park is a haven for bird watchers, with many species of birds calling the area home.

Interesting facts about the area include the fact that 38th & Normandie Park is located in the heart of one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The park was also the site of the 1992 Los Angeles riots and has since become a symbol of the city's resilience.

The best time of year to visit 38th & Normandie Park is during the spring and summer months when the weather is pleasant and the park is in full bloom. The park is also beautiful in the fall when the leaves change color, and the temperature is milder.

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38th & Normandie Park


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38th & Normandie Park

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