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Maxwell Farms Regional Park is a 256-acre park located in the city of Sonoma, California. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a variety of recreational activities and points of interest.

One of the main reasons to visit Maxwell Farms is its expansive network of hiking trails, which wind through oak woodlands, grassy fields, and along the banks of Sonoma Creek. Visitors can also picnic, fish, and birdwatch in the park.

A highlight of the park is the 19th-century Maxwell House, a historic building that was built by one of Sonoma's founding families. The house is now a museum, featuring exhibits on local history and culture.

Maxwell Farms Regional Park also has an equestrian center, where visitors can rent horses and ride along the park's trails. The park also has a dog park, making it a great destination for pet owners.

Interesting facts about Maxwell Farms include its designation as a wildlife preserve, home to a variety of species including river otters, beavers, and California red-legged frogs. The park is also known for its scenic beauty, with views of nearby mountains and rolling hills.

The best time of year to visit Maxwell Farms Regional Park is in the spring and fall, when temperatures are mild and the park's wildflowers are in bloom. It is open year-round, however, and visitors can enjoy its offerings in any season.


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