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Phillipsburg Kilns

The Phillipsburg Kilns are a historic landmark located in the Diamond-Monitor Valleys watershed of Nevada. These kilns were built in the late 1800s to process charcoal for the smelting of silver and lead ore from nearby mines. The kilns were in operation until the early 1900s and were eventually abandoned. Today, the kilns are a popular attraction for visitors to the area, offering a glimpse into Nevada's mining history.

There are several good reasons to visit the Phillipsburg Kilns. For history buffs, the site offers a unique opportunity to learn about the mining operations that once dominated the area. Visitors can explore the kilns and see firsthand how charcoal was produced for the smelting process. In addition to the historical significance of the site, the Phillipsburg Kilns are located in a beautiful area of Nevada, surrounded by stunning desert landscapes and unique geological formations. Visitors can enjoy a hike or picnic while taking in the natural beauty of the area. Get driving directions.

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