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Fumarole Butte

Fumarole Butte is an impressive geological formation located in the Lower Sevier watershed of Utah. It was created by a volcanic eruption that occurred over 10 million years ago. The butte is made up of welded volcanic tuff, which is a type of rock formed by the consolidation of volcanic ash and debris. The tuff is layered and has a texture that resembles a honeycomb. The butte is also home to several fumaroles, which are openings in the earth's crust that emit steam and other gases. The fumaroles are a result of the geothermal activity that still exists in the area.

There are several good reasons to visit Fumarole Butte. First and foremost, it is a unique geological formation that is not found in many other parts of the world. The tuff rock and fumaroles are fascinating to see up close. Additionally, the butte is located in a scenic area of Utah that is perfect for hiking and outdoor recreation. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape and observe the local wildlife. Finally, Fumarole Butte is a great place to learn about the geology and natural history of the region. Visitors can explore the butte on their own or take a guided tour to learn more about its formation and significance. Get driving directions.

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Fumarole Butte
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