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California Tomales-Drake Bays Watershed


June 6 2023

22,183 acre-ft

None% today
None% of Normal Very Low

Water storage levels at Nicasio are currently 22,183 acre-ft, about None% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately Noneacre-ft.

Maximum recorded Storage since record keeping began in 2021 was 2023-01-05 when levels reached 22,430 acre-ft. Lowest recorded Storage was 2021-10-14 when levels receded to 2,775 acre-ft.

Nicasio is a small unincorporated community in Marin County, California. It is located in a valley surrounded by hills, which makes it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The area has a rich history, with evidence of Native American settlements dating back over 4,000 years. Today, the community is largely agricultural, with dairy farming being the dominant industry. The hydrology of the area is influenced by the nearby Nicasio Reservoir, which is fed by several creeks and provides water for both agricultural and residential use. The local snowpack also contributes to the hydrology of the area, with runoff from the snowmelt providing important water resources for the community. The area is popular for recreational activities such as hiking, biking, and camping, and is known for its scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

Geolocation -122.757, 38.075
Elevation 180 ft
Storage 24hr Change None%
Percent of Normal None%
Minimum 2,775 acre-ft
Maximum 22,430 acre-ft
Average acre-ft


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