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California San Francisco Bay Watershed

U San Leandro

June 6 2023

37,700 acre-ft

None% today
None% of Normal Very Low

Water storage levels at U San Leandro are currently 37,700 acre-ft, about None% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately Noneacre-ft.

Maximum recorded Storage since record keeping began in 2021 was 2023-01-11 when levels reached 41,250 acre-ft. Lowest recorded Storage was 2021-10-09 when levels receded to 21,550 acre-ft.

San Leandro Creek is a major watershed located in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. The creek flows 11 miles from its headwaters in the Oakland Hills through the cities of San Leandro and Hayward, eventually emptying into San Francisco Bay. Historically, the creek and surrounding area were inhabited by the Ohlone people. Today, the creek serves as a critical source of water for local communities and agriculture, with surface flow provided by the East Bay Municipal Utility District and snowpack providers including the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The watershed also supports agricultural activities such as vineyards and farming, as well as recreational activities like hiking and fishing. However, the creek and surrounding area face challenges from pollution, erosion, and urbanization.

Geolocation -122.102, 37.764
Elevation 477 ft
Storage 24hr Change None%
Percent of Normal None%
Minimum 21,550 acre-ft
Maximum 41,250 acre-ft
Average acre-ft


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U San Leandro

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