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Located in Napa, California, Milliken Reservoir, also known as Milliken, is a stunning arch dam built in 1924 primarily for water supply purposes. With a height of 110 feet and a length of 647 feet, this reservoir boasts a storage capacity of 1980 acre-feet and covers a surface area of 44 acres. The dam stands tall on the Milliken Creek, showcasing its crucial role in water resource management in the region.

Managed by the local government and regulated by the Department of Water Resources and Safety of Dams, Milliken Reservoir is a vital component of the water infrastructure in California. Despite its age, the dam has been deemed to be in satisfactory condition, with a high hazard potential. Regular inspections ensure its safety and the implementation of risk management measures to mitigate any potential threats. With its picturesque location and impressive engineering, Milliken Reservoir continues to play a significant role in providing water supply to the surrounding areas.

As climate change impacts water resources, the importance of maintaining and monitoring dams like Milliken becomes increasingly crucial. With its historical significance and functional importance, Milliken Reservoir stands as a testament to the ingenuity of early water management systems in California. As water resource and climate enthusiasts explore the intersection of infrastructure and environmental stewardship, Milliken Reservoir remains a site of interest and admiration for its role in sustaining vital water supplies in the region.

May 24, 2024







Year_Completed 1924
Dam_Height 110
River_Or_Stream Milliken Creek
Dam_Length 647
Primary_Dam_Type Arch
Surface_Area 44
Hydraulic_Height 110
Drainage_Area 9.3
Nid_Storage 1980
Hazard_Potential High
Nid_Height 110

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