Janes Flat

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Janes Flat, located in Modoc County, California, is a federal irrigation dam constructed in 1918 by the USDA Forest Service. With a height of 22 feet and a length of 785 feet, this earth dam serves multiple purposes including fire protection, stock watering, and irrigation. The dam has a controlled spillway with a width of 60 feet and a maximum discharge capacity of 780 cubic feet per second, making it an essential water resource for the region.

Despite being classified as having a significant hazard potential, Janes Flat has not been rated for its condition assessment. The dam is primarily managed by the Forest Service and is inspected every five years to ensure its safety and integrity. With a very high risk assessment rating, it is crucial for emergency preparedness and risk management measures to be in place to mitigate any potential dangers associated with the dam.

As a key water infrastructure for irrigation and other water-related activities, Janes Flat plays a vital role in supporting agriculture and wildlife in the region. Its historical significance and ongoing maintenance underscore the importance of sustainable water resource management in the face of changing climate patterns and increasing water demands.

May 29, 2024







Year_Completed 1918
Dam_Height 22
Dam_Length 785
Primary_Dam_Type Earth
Structural_Height 22
Outlet_Gates Slide (sluice gate)
Hazard_Potential Significant
Nid_Height 22

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