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Louisiana Black Lake Bayou Watershed

Black Lake Bayou Near Clarence

June 7 2023

99 ft

-0.05% today
100% of Normal Normal

Water stream water level elevation above navd 1988, in ft levels at Black Lake Bayou Near Clarence are currently 99 ft, about 100% of normal. The average for this time of year is approximately 99.96ft.

Maximum recorded Stream water level elevation above NAVD 1988, in ft since record keeping began in 2019 was 2020-02-23 when levels reached 106.41 ft. Lowest recorded Stream water level elevation above NAVD 1988, in ft was 2021-09-24 when levels receded to 94.66 ft.

Black Lake Bayou is a small stream that flows through Clarence, Louisiana. The stream has a long history, as it was once an important transportation route for Native American tribes and later for European settlers. Today, the bayou is primarily used for agricultural purposes, including irrigation and livestock watering. It also serves as a recreational area for fishing and boating. The hydrology of the bayou is influenced by the surrounding landscape, which includes forests, wetlands, and agricultural fields. Specific surface flow providers include rainfall and runoff from nearby streams, while snowpack is not a significant contributor. Despite its importance to the local community, Black Lake Bayou has experienced issues with water quality and sedimentation, which have had negative impacts on aquatic life and recreational activities.

Geolocation -92.967, 31.874
Elevation 99.48 ft
Stream Water Level Elevation Above Navd 1988, In Ft 24hr Change -0.05%
Percent of Normal 100%
Minimum 94.66 ft
Maximum 106.41 ft
Average 100 ft
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Black Lake Bayou Near Clarence


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Black Lake Bayou Near Clarence

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