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Streamgauges reporting the most discharge on the Calfpasture River

10 Day Trend

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Streamflow discharge range for this time of year

The Calfpasture River is a river in the U.S. state of Virginia. It flows about 41.0 miles (66.0 km) from its source, Gordons Peak in the Allegheny Mountains, to its confluence with the Little Calfpasture River, forming the Maury River. Via the Maury, the Calfpasture's waters flow into the James River, thence Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. According to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, variant names of the Calfpasture River include the Big Calfpasture River, Calf Pasture River, Great Calfpasture River, and North River. Source: Wikipedia