River Stats

Streamflow conditions and seasonal statistics
Location Streamflow River Stage Air Temp Elevation
Cedar River Below Bear Creek Near Cedar Falls
USGS 12114500
216 cfs 2.58 ft
Cedar River Near Cedar Falls
USGS 12115000
502 cfs 4.26 ft
Cedar River Near Austin
USGS 05457000
201 cfs 2.86 ft
Cedar River At Charles City
USGS 05457700
279 cfs 2.8 ft
Cedar River At Powerplant At Cedar Falls
USGS 12116400
660 cfs 34.44 ft
Cedar River At Cedar Falls
USGS 12116500
1410 cfs 7.84 ft
Cedar River At Waverly
USGS 05458300
55 cfs 4.99 ft
Cedar River At Janesville
USGS 05458500
694 cfs 1.68 ft
Cedar River At Cedar Falls
USGS 05463050
977 cfs 78.70 ft
Cedar River At Waterloo
USGS 05464000
973 cfs 5.62 ft
Cedar River At Cedar Rapids
USGS 05464500
1700 cfs 3.83 ft
Cedar River Near Conesville
USGS 05465000
3490 cfs 6.82 ft
Cedar River Near Landsburg
USGS 12117500
2100 cfs 3.53 ft
Cedar River Below Diversion Near Landsburg
USGS 12117600
1920 cfs 5.85 ft
Cedar River At Renton
USGS 12119000
2140 cfs 10.65 ft

Highest Streamflows

Streamgauges reporting the most discharge on the Cedar River

Past 10 Days

Discharge comparison for the highest gauges over the past 10 days

Expected Ranges

Streamflow discharge range for this time of year

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