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June 9 2023

15,310 ACRE-FT

Discharge Volume Today
-274.0 cfs (-3.43%) since yesterday
65.09% of normal Low

Total streamflow across the Choctawhatchee River was last observed at 7719 cfs, and is expected to yield approximately 15310 acre-ft of water today; about 65% of normal. River levels are low and may signify a drought. Average streamflow for this time of year is 11859 cfs, with recent peaks last observed at 183,600 cfs on 2016-01-02.

Maximum discharge along the river is currently at the Choctawhatchee River Nr Bruce reporting a streamflow rate of 3,400 cfs. However, the deepest point on the river is located at the Choctawhatchee River Nr Pittman with a gage stage of 8.1 ft. This river is monitored from 5 different streamgauging stations along the Choctawhatchee River, the highest being perched at an elevation of 176 ft, the Choctawhatchee River Near Newton.

River Summary: The Choctawhatchee River is a river that flows through Alabama and Florida, running for approximately 141 miles from its source in Alabama to its outlet at Choctawhatchee Bay in Florida. Originally inhabited by the Choctaw people, the river played a significant role in transportation and trade during the early 19th century. The river is also known for its recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and camping. Several reservoirs and dams have been constructed along the river, including the Geneva Dam, which created the Geneva Lake Reservoir, and the Woodruff Dam, which created the Woodruff Lake Reservoir. These reservoirs serve as sources of hydroelectric power and provide irrigation for agricultural purposes. Overall, the Choctawhatchee River is an important waterway for the region, with a rich history and significant economic and recreational value.

Last Updated 2023-06-09
Streamflow 7,719.0 cfs
Percent Normal 65.09%
Maximum 183,600.0 cfs

Choctawhatchee River Peak Annual Discharge

Choctawhatchee River maximum total discharge

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