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September 21 2023

952,664 ACRE-FT

Discharge Volume Today
+35900.0 cfs (+8.08%) since yesterday
157.23% of Normal 4 Streamgauges

Total streamflow across the Columbia River was last observed at 480,300 cfs, and is expected to yield approximately 952,664 acre-ft of water today; about 157% of normal. River levels are high. Average streamflow for this time of year is 305,483 cfs, with recent peaks last observed on 2018-05-22 when daily discharge volume was observed at 1,735,000 cfs.

Maximum discharge along the river is currently at the Columbia River @ Beaver Army Terminal Nr Quincy reporting a streamflow rate of 321,000 cfs. However, the streamgauge with the highest stage along the river is the Columbia River At International Boundary with a gauge stage of 91.02 ft. This river is monitored from 4 different streamgauging stations along the Columbia River, the highest being situated at an altitude of 1,300 ft, the Columbia River At International Boundary.

Last Updated 2023-09-21
Streamflow 480,300.0 cfs
Percent of Normal 157.23%
Maximum 1,735,000.0 cfs

About the columbia river

The Columbia River is the largest river in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, spanning over 1,200 miles from the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia to the Pacific Ocean. It has played a significant role in the history of the region, serving as a transportation hub for indigenous peoples and European explorers. The river's hydrology is characterized by a high flow volume and seasonal variability, with peak flows occurring in spring and early summer. The Columbia River Basin is home to several large reservoirs and dams, including the Grand Coulee Dam and the Bonneville Dam, which generate hydropower and provide flood control. The river also supports a variety of agricultural uses, including irrigation and hydroelectric power, as well as recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and camping.

Streamgauge Streamflow Gauge Stage 24hr Change (%) % Normal Minimum (cfs) Maximum (cfs) Air Temp Elevation
Columbia River At International Boundary
USGS 12399500
50300 cfs 91.02 ft 1.62
Columbia River Below Priest Rapids Dam
USGS 12472800
39000 cfs 6.81 ft -4.41
Columbia River At The Dalles
USGS 14105700
109000 cfs 76.72 ft 43.61
Columbia River @ Beaver Army Terminal Nr Quincy
USGS 14246900
321000 cfs 0.83 ft 0.63

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Columbia River Maximum Total Discharge

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