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October 4 2023

30,423 ACRE-FT

Discharge Volume Today
-140.4 cfs (-0.91%) since yesterday
42.93% of normal Very Low

Total streamflow across the Illinois River was last observed at 15,338 cfs, and is expected to yield approximately 30,423 acre-ft of water today; about 43% of normal. River levels are low and may signify a drought. Average streamflow for this time of year is 35,726 cfs, with recent peaks last observed on 2015-12-28 when daily discharge volume was observed at 632,800 cfs.

Maximum discharge along the river is currently at the Illinois River At Valley City reporting a streamflow rate of 7,580 cfs. However, the streamgauge with the highest stage along the river is the Illinois River At Henry with a gauge stage of 14.39 ft. This river is monitored from 12 different streamgauging stations along the Illinois River, the highest being situated at an altitude of 1,202 ft, the Illinois River Near Kerby.

Last Updated 2023-10-04
Streamflow 15,338.1 cfs
Percent of Normal 42.93%
Maximum 632,800.0 cfs

About the illinois river

The Illinois River is a 273-mile-long tributary of the Mississippi River that flows through the state of Illinois. It was an important trade route for Native American tribes and European explorers, serving as a vital transportation artery for the region. The river's hydrology is heavily managed through a series of reservoirs and dams, including the Dresden, Marseilles, Peoria, and LaGrange Locks and Dams. These structures help to regulate water levels for navigation and flood control. The river is also used for recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and camping, and it supports a variety of agricultural uses in the surrounding areas. In recent years, efforts have been made to improve water quality and protect the ecosystem of the Illinois River.

Streamgauge Streamflow Gauge Stage 24hr Change (%) % Normal Minimum (cfs) Maximum (cfs) Air Temp Elevation
Illinois River Near Kerby
USGS 14377100
74 cfs 1.86 ft -4.39
Illinois River At Savoy
USGS 07194800
34 cfs 2.27 ft -11.95
Illinois River At Hwy. 16 Near Siloam Springs Ar
USGS 07195400
237 cfs 5.88 ft -4.44
Illinois River South Of Siloam Springs
USGS 07195430
250 cfs 2.57 ft -3.47
Illinois River Near Watts
USGS 07195500
258 cfs 2.63 ft -2.27
Illinois River At Chewey
USGS 07196090
327 cfs 2.51 ft -6.3
Illinois River Near Tahlequah
USGS 07196500
380 cfs 4.89 ft -7.09
Illinois River Near Gore
USGS 07198000
212 cfs 7.21 ft 0
Illinois River At Marseilles
USGS 05543500
2500 cfs 10.94 ft 35.87
Illinois River At Kingston Mines
USGS 05568500
2490 cfs 2.11 ft -13.84
Illinois River At Henry
USGS 05558300
3520 cfs 14.39 ft 86.24
Illinois River At Valley City
USGS 05586100
7580 cfs 2.08 ft 1.88

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