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September 29 2023

Maximum discharge along the river is currently at the reporting a streamflow rate of cfs. This is also the highest stage along the Lost River, with a gauge stage of ft at this location. This river is monitored from 1 different streamgauging stations along the Lost River, the highest being situated at an altitude of ft, the .

About the lost river

The Lost River is a river in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The river is approximately 60 miles long and flows through southern Oregon from the Cascade Range into California. Historically, the river was used by Native American tribes for fishing and as a trade route. The hydrology of the river is complex and includes numerous underground streams and sinkholes. The river is also home to several dams and reservoirs, including the Gerber Reservoir and Clear Lake Reservoir. These reservoirs provide water for agriculture and hydroelectric power generation. Recreational activities such as fishing and boating are also popular on the river. Despite its name, the Lost River is an important resource for the region and plays a crucial role in the local economy.

Streamgauge Streamflow Gauge Stage 24hr Change (%) % Normal Minimum (cfs) Maximum (cfs) Air Temp Elevation
Lost River At Oklee
USGS 05078230
1 cfs 2.52 ft 45.05

Peak Annual Discharge

Lost River Maximum Total Discharge

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