Top Discharges

Streamgauges reporting the most discharge on the North Meherrin River

10 Day Trend

Discharge comparison for the highest gauges over the past 10 days

Expected Streamflow Ranges

Streamflow discharge range for this time of year

The Meherrin Nation is one of seven state-recognized nations of Native Americans in North Carolina. They reside in rural northeastern North Carolina, near the river of the same name on the Virginia-North Carolina border. Historically the Iroquoian-speaking tribe had lived in the Piedmont of Virginia but moved south in the early 18th century under pressure of English colonists' encroachment on their territory. Assigned a reservation in the area of Hertford County, North Carolina in the early 18th century, they lost most of their land to encroachment by colonial settlers. They had maintained cultural continuity through supporting independent churches and schools. ... Source: Wikipedia