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October 2 2023

Maximum discharge along the river is currently at the reporting a streamflow rate of cfs. This is also the highest stage along the Oyster River, with a gauge stage of ft at this location. This river is monitored from 1 different streamgauging stations along the Oyster River, the highest being situated at an altitude of ft, the .

About the oyster river

The Oyster River, located in southeastern New Hampshire, is approximately 17 miles long and flows through the towns of Durham, Madbury, and Lee before emptying into the Great Bay Estuary. The river has a rich history, with evidence of Native American settlements dating back thousands of years. Today, the Oyster River is utilized for both recreational and agricultural purposes, with several parks and trails along its banks and farmland in the surrounding area. The river also serves as a drinking water source for the town of Durham. Two dams, the Wiswall and the Bennett dams, form the Oyster River Reservoir and provide hydroelectric power and flood control. Despite some pollution and development concerns, efforts are being made to protect and preserve the Oyster River and its surrounding ecosystem.

Streamgauge Streamflow Gauge Stage 24hr Change (%) % Normal Minimum (cfs) Maximum (cfs) Air Temp Elevation
Oyster River Near Durham
USGS 01073000
7 cfs 1.18 ft -17.42

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