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Streamgauges reporting the most discharge on the Quinsigamond River

10 Day Trend

Discharge comparison for the highest gauges over the past 10 days

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Streamflow discharge range for this time of year

The Quinsigamond River is a river in central Massachusetts. It is a tributary of the Blackstone River and ultimately drains into Narragansett Bay. Although the Quinsigamond has many small tributaries and drains a sizable area, the river proper is only 5.6 miles (9.0 km) long. It flows roughly southwards from its origin at Lake Quinsigamond at Worcester's eastern edge, past North Grafton where Bummet Brook enters, through Lake Ripple northwest of Grafton, and into Fisherville Pond at Fisherville, where it merges into the Blackstone River. Source: Wikipedia