River Stats

Streamflow conditions and seasonal statistics
Location Streamflow River Stage Air Temp Elevation
Sheyenne River Above Harvey
USGS 05054500
28 cfs 5.98 ft
Sheyenne River Nr Warwick
USGS 05056000
481 cfs 4.61 ft
Sheyenne River Nr Cooperstown
USGS 05057000
2420 cfs 16 ft
Sheyenne River Below Baldhill Dam
USGS 05058000
4070 cfs 34 ft
Sheyenne River At Lisbon
USGS 05058700
4930 cfs 16.89 ft
Sheyenne River Near Kindred
USGS 05059000
4970 cfs 20.47 ft
Sheyenne River Diversion At West Fargo
USGS 05059480
4560 cfs 21.76 ft
Sheyenne R Ab Sheyenne R Diversion Nr Horace
USGS 05059300
4690 cfs 27.03 ft
Sheyenne River At West Fargo
USGS 05059500
3 cfs 14.07 ft

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