River Stats

Streamflow conditions and seasonal statistics
Location Streamflow River Stage Air Temp Elevation
Smith River Near Ft Logan Mt
USGS 06076690
151 cfs 3.07 ft
Smith River Bl Eagle Cr Nr Fort Logan Mt
USGS 06077200
297 cfs 3.69 ft
Smith River Near Eden Mt
USGS 06077500
390 cfs 3.73 ft
Smith R Ab Smith R Res Nr Belknap Sprgs
USGS 14158790
35 cfs 5.77 ft
Smith River Abv Trail Brdg Resv Nr Belknap Springs
USGS 14158798
16 cfs 2196.62 ft
Smith River At Smith Riv Church Nr Woolwine
USGS 02071530
24 cfs 2.34 ft
Smith River Near Philpott
USGS 02072000
284 cfs 3.2 ft
Smith River At Bassett
USGS 02072500
319 cfs 2.12 ft
Smith River At Martinsville
USGS 02073000
330 cfs 2.14 ft
Smith River At Eden
USGS 02074000
398 cfs 2.49 ft
Smith River Near Bristol
USGS 01078000
27 cfs 1.81 ft
Smith R Nr Crescent City Ca
USGS 11532500
949 cfs 5.92 ft
River Run Status Streamflow (CFS) Air Temp (F)
TOO LOW 151 74

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