Trinity River

19 Streamgauges
Max Discharge: 1,480 cfs Deepest Point: 30.7ft

Maximum discharge along the river was observed at the Trinity Rv At Romayor with a streamflow rate of 1,480 cfs. However, the deepest point on the river is located at the Trinity Rv At Hwy 287 Nr Cayuga reporting a gauge stage of 30.7 ft. This river is monitored from 19 different streamgauging stations along the Trinity River, the highest being perched at an elevation of 2,567 ft, the Trinity R Ab Coffee C Nr Trinity Ctr Ca.

River Levels

Location Streamflow River Stage Air Temp Elevation
Trinity R Ab Coffee C Nr Trinity Ctr Ca
USGS 11523200
21 cfs 2.8 ft
Trinity R A Lewiston Ca
USGS 11525500
450 cfs 13.83 ft
Trinity R Bl Limekiln Gulch Nr Douglas City Ca
USGS 11525655
443 cfs 4.86 ft
Trinity R A Douglas City Ca
USGS 11525854
437 cfs 6.48 ft
Trinity R A Junction City Ca
USGS 11526250
453 cfs 1.94 ft
Trinity R Ab Nf Trinity R Nr Helena Ca
USGS 11526400
490 cfs 8.48 ft
Trinity R Nr Burnt Ranch Ca
USGS 11527000
972 cfs 3.76 ft
Trinity Rv Bl Dallas
USGS 08057410
869 cfs 2.28 ft
Trinity Rv At Dallas
USGS 08057000
489 cfs 12.32 ft
Trinity Rv Nr Rosser
USGS 08062500
690 cfs 3.16 ft
Trinity R A Hoopa Ca
USGS 11530000
776 cfs 11.45 ft
Trinity Rv At W Cedar Creek Pkwy Nr Dosser
USGS 08062575
818 cfs 14.67 ft
Trinity Rv At Trinidad
USGS 08062700
834 cfs 7.85 ft
Trinity Rv At Hwy 287 Nr Cayuga
USGS 08064570
699 cfs 30.7 ft
Trinity Rv Nr Oakwood
USGS 08065000
782 cfs 4.51 ft
Trinity Rv Nr Crockett
USGS 08065350
1160 cfs 6.86 ft
Trinity Rv Nr Goodrich
USGS 08066250
1400 cfs 4.61 ft
Trinity Rv At Romayor
USGS 08066500
1480 cfs 10.96 ft
Trinity Rv At Liberty
USGS 08067000
1470 cfs 6.56 ft

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