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September 27 2023

Maximum discharge along the river is currently at the Yalobusha River At Grenada reporting a streamflow rate of 1,580 cfs. However, the streamgauge with the highest stage along the river is the Yalobusha R And Topashaw C Ca At Calhoun City with a gauge stage of 16.39 ft. This river is monitored from 2 different streamgauging stations along the Yalobusha River, the highest being situated at an altitude of 253 ft, the Yalobusha R And Topashaw C Ca At Calhoun City.

About the yalobusha river

The Yalobusha River is a 170-mile-long river in Mississippi that flows into the Yazoo River. It was named after the Choctaw word "Yaloobausha", meaning "tadpole place". The river played a significant role in the history of the area, serving as a major transportation route for goods and people during the 19th century. Today, the river is used for recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and swimming. The river's hydrology is affected by several reservoirs and dams, including the Enid Lake, the Grenada Lake, and the Sardis Lake. These reservoirs provide flood control, hydroelectric power, and water supply for irrigation and municipal use. The Yalobusha River basin is also home to several agricultural communities that rely on the river for irrigation and crop production.

Streamgauge Streamflow Gauge Stage 24hr Change (%) % Normal Minimum (cfs) Maximum (cfs) Air Temp Elevation
Yalobusha R And Topashaw C Ca At Calhoun City
USGS 07282000
25 cfs 16.39 ft
Yalobusha River At Grenada
USGS 07285500
1580 cfs 8.1 ft -0.63

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