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Surf Wax for Landlocked Surfers

River surfing is a sport hard to find gear for, wax being one of them. Some local shops like Confluence Kayak in Denver sells Mr. Zogs Sex Wax but if you are by a Hockey Rink or Hockey Pro Shop, they often carry Zogs Sex Wax for hockey sticks (used on the blade to lift the shot) but in reality the wax is just Zogs cold water wax that can be used on your river surfboard all year long.

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River surf reports can and should be shared with the general public. Snoflo is a rad web location for it. Look for new announcement and log your surf sessions at different spots. Here is the Sixx Pole Cam that only works weekdays from 9am to 4:30pm

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6 Pole Cam Web Page, Wave Sixx Revealed Summer 2022

After a brief pressure campaign, the pole cam at Wave Sixx was revealed by the surf park's engineer and brain trust. See the link below for the web cam. Currently the cam takes still pics every half-hour Monday-Friday 9am to 4:30pm. The cam DOES NOT WORK on weekends. Efforts are being made to upgrade the pole cam to daylight hours 7 days a week; or a live-streaming cam like most of the other quality surf waves in the US. RRP was created and maintained by public taxpayer funds... In 2018 legislation (passed by citizens of the Metro-Denver counties) called "7G", in essence doubled the budget of MHFD that protects millage based funding for MHFD.... CONTACT YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE TO TELL MHFD TO UPGRADE THE WAVE SIXX POLE CAM AND ADD A TILT, ZOOM, ROTATE, VIEW CAM AT BENI'S AND CHICLETS AT THE BOTTOM OF RRP FOR PUBLIC SAFETY AND INTERACTION WITH THE S. PLATTE RIVER.

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Colorado Water Plan Education Pint Night 8/10/2022 5:30-8:30PM Breckenridge Brewery (Near Reynolds Landing) 2920 Brewery Lane Littleton, CO 802120 CO Dept of Natural Resources will be presenting the draft 2023 Colorado Water Plan for the state and will be seeking public input. The plan lacks in recreational use of our rivers. Time to give the State some serious crap for not prioritizing recreation flow as water is sent to the water rights owners (farmers, municipalities, etc). After all it is our tax money that collects, maintains, and delivers the peoples water until it is delivered to the head-gates of the beneficial use water rights owners. Come join David. See the signup link below for a possible free beverage:

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Celebrate the 2022 Metro-Denver Surf Season

RIVER SURF PARTY! FRI SEPT 23rd. Music starts at @7pm. 3 BANDS, RAFFLES, SWAG plus FOOD & DRINK SPECIALS. $10 donation benefits the CRSA (Colorado River Surfing Association). Everyone is welcome - Open to the public. Music by: Eric from Dragondeer Royal Aces Mutant Mollusks of the South Platte River Vampire Squids from Hell Sponsored by Montucky

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