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No new snow to report today, with snowpack levels sitting at 0.0".

Weather today, showers and thunderstorms, mainly after noon. high near 63. calm wind becoming west around 5 mph in the afternoon. chance of precipitation is 80%. new rainfall amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

Wolf Creek Ski Area is situated in Colorado, United States, and is known for its extensive terrain and excellent powder. With 1,600 skiable acres and 10 lifts, there are plenty of trails for all skill levels. The resort's best trails are often considered to be the Alberta Peak and Knife Ridge, which provide stunning views and challenging runs. An interesting fact is that Wolf Creek Ski Area receives more snow than any other ski resort in Colorado, with an average of 480 inches per year. For beginners, the Nova and Raven trails are perfect for practicing skiing and improving skills. The Wolf Creek Lodge is a great place for après-ski drinks with friends and family.

July 20, 2024







Terrain Surface NA
Powder Score NA
Snowpack Percent Normal 0%
Max Recorded Snowpack 198"
Snowfall Past 24 Hours 0"
Snowfall Next 24 Hours 0"
Snowfall Next 5 Days 0"

Regional Streamflow


Cubic Feet Per Second


Cubic Feet Per Second


Cubic Feet Per Second


Cubic Feet Per Second

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The Wolf Creek Ski Area in Colorado is located in the San Juan Mountains and is known for its high elevation and abundant snowfall. Some of the prominent mountain ranges and aspects of the ski resort include:

1. San Juan Mountains: The Wolf Creek Ski Area is situated in the San Juan Mountains, a rugged and picturesque mountain range in southwestern Colorado. The San Juan Mountains are known for their diverse terrain, including high peaks, deep valleys, and steep slopes.

2. Continental Divide: The ski resort is located near the Continental Divide, a high ridge that separates the watersheds of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The Continental Divide offers stunning views and challenging terrain for skiers and snowboarders.

3. Alberta Peak: Alberta Peak is one of the highest peaks in the Wolf Creek Ski Area, offering steep and challenging terrain for advanced skiers and snowboarders. The peak is known for its deep snow and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

4. Knife Ridge: Knife Ridge is a popular area at Wolf Creek Ski Area known for its steep, narrow terrain and challenging runs. Skiers and snowboarders can test their skills on the rugged slopes of Knife Ridge, which offer some of the best powder skiing in Colorado.

Overall, the Wolf Creek Ski Area boasts a diverse range of mountain ranges and aspects that provide a unique and exciting skiing experience for visitors.

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Nearby Camping & Amenities

Camping Area Campsites Reservations Toilets Showers Elevation
Park Creek - South Fork 16 8,505 ft
West Fork 28 7,864 ft
Blanco River 6 7,242 ft
Stone Lake 24 7,268 ft
Wolf Creek 26 7,834 ft
East Fork 26 7,758 ft
Stone Cellar 5 9,476 ft
Luders Creek 6 10,043 ft
Big Meadows 61 9,280 ft
Tucker Ponds 16 9,678 ft

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