Missouri Snow Report

June 22 2024
Snowpack Snowfall Totals Forecasts


June 22 2024

Snowpack levels across the state are currently 48% of normal. The deepest snowpack in Missouri was last observed at Columbia Regional Airport with a snowpack depth of 2”, about 104% of normal when compared to it's " average depth for this time of year. Columbia Regional Airport, perched at an elevation of 892 ft., is currently experiencing some of the coldest temps in Missouri with air temps last recorded at 49 degrees.




In Missouri, the primary mountain range that influences snowpack conditions is the Ozark Mountains. These mountains receive relatively limited snowfall due to their lower elevation and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. Snow accumulation is most common in the higher elevations of the St. Francois Mountains and the Boston Mountains, located in the southeastern and southwestern parts of the state, respectively.

Snowmelt in the Ozark Mountains primarily contributes to the flow of the Current River and the Eleven Point River, which are part of the larger Mississippi River watershed. These rivers play a crucial role in maintaining water resources and supporting various ecosystems in the region.

Missouri experiences a varied winter climate, with temperatures ranging from mild to cold. Snowstorms are typically more frequent in the northern part of the state, with the southern regions experiencing less snowfall overall.

While historical data on snowpack conditions in Missouri is limited, scientific research suggests that climate change may have an impact on snowfall patterns and overall snowpack accumulation in the future. Monitoring and understanding snow science in Missouri is important for water resource management, flood control, and ecological preservation.

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