Nevada Snow Report

June 20 2024
Snowpack Snowfall Totals Forecasts


June 20 2024

Big Meadow, perched at an elevation of 8,249 ft., is currently experiencing some of the coldest temps in Nevada with air temps last recorded at 69 degrees.




Nevada's snowpack conditions vary depending on the mountain ranges that supply snow to the state. The Sierra Nevada range, located in western Nevada, provides a significant portion of the snowpack. The Ruby Mountains in northeastern Nevada and the Spring Mountains near Las Vegas also contribute to the state's snowpack.

Snowmelt from these ranges feeds into several runoff rivers and watersheds, such as the Truckee River, which flows from Lake Tahoe through Reno, and the Humboldt River, which runs through northern Nevada.

Winter climate characteristics in Nevada include cold temperatures and occasional heavy snowfall, particularly in the higher elevations.

Snow science and history in Nevada reveal interesting facts. For instance, the Great Basin Snow Lab, located in the central part of the state, has been monitoring snowpack since the 1940s. Nevada's snowpack plays a crucial role in water resources, as it provides freshwater for agriculture, recreation, and drinking water throughout the state. It is important to verify the accuracy of these details by consulting multiple reliable sources.

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