Published 2020-02-05 by Snoflo

Potential Flooding in Washington, Kentucky, and Tennessee as precipitation runoff continues from the latest storm systems. Rivers in Washington like the Issaquah Creek Near Hobart and Sultan River Below Diversion Dam Near Sultan are way above average with the Issaquah Creek Near Hobart rising by over 831.0cfs over the past 24 hours alone. Although floods are common natural disasters, they can effect millions of people with devastating consequences to farming as well infrastructure.

Kentucky rains have brought rivers around the state to flood levels, with some rivers rising by 5109.88%. The Sturgeon Creek At Cressmont was flowing at 2110cfs earlier this morning, notably above its average of 121.413cfs. The Buck Creek Near Shopville has also been flowing at highs, as the river depth inched past 11.86ft and flows reached 7590cfs.

We've also seen Tennessee rivers very high for this time of year with over 5 river gauges across the state recording flows at abnormal highs. Rivers like the Nonconnah Creek Near Germantown are above 12.23ft (2360cfs), having risen by over 2346.4cfs over the past 24 hours. Such high flow levels are uncommon for the rivers, creating the potential for damage to the surrounding area.

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