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Dotsero Landing Boat Ramp

Dotsero Landing Boat Ramp is a popular boat ramp located in Dotsero, Colorado. It is a concrete boat ramp that provides easy access to the Colorado River. The ramp is wide enough to accommodate multiple boats at once and is equipped with a dock for loading and unloading.

The Dotsero Landing Boat Ramp services the Colorado River, which is a major waterway in Colorado. The river runs for over 1,400 miles and is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and other water activities.

The types of watercraft permitted on the Colorado River vary depending on the section of the river being used. In general, motorized boats, kayaks, canoes, and rafts are all allowed on the river. However, certain areas may have restrictions on the use of motorized boats or may have different rules for different types of craft. It is important to check the latest regulations before launching any watercraft on the Colorado River.

According to the latest information available, the Dotsero Landing Boat Ramp is open year-round and is free to use. It is a popular destination for boaters and anglers, especially during the summer months. The ramp is well-maintained and offers ample parking for vehicles and trailers. Get driving directions.

Streamgauge Streamflow
Tomichi Creek At Gunnison
USGS 09119000
90 cfs
Cimarron River Bl Squaw Creek
USGS 09127000
57 cfs
East River At Almont Co.
USGS 09112500
121 cfs
Smith Fork Near Lazear
USGS 09129600
0 cfs
Gunnison River Near Gunnison
USGS 09114500
214 cfs
Gunnison River Below Gunnison Tunnel
USGS 09128000
381 cfs
Taylor River At Almont
USGS 09110000
159 cfs

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