United States Washington

Inchelium Kettle Falls Road 4273-4385, Kettle Falls

The Inchelium Kettle Falls Road 4273-4385 boat ramp is a public access boat ramp located in Kettle Falls, Washington. It is a concrete boat ramp that is approximately 12 feet wide and has a gentle slope which makes it easier for boats to be launched and retrieved.

This boat ramp services the Columbia River, which is a large river that flows through the Pacific Northwest region of North America. The Columbia River is approximately 1,243 miles long and is an important waterway for transportation, commerce, and recreation.

The Inchelium Kettle Falls Road 4273-4385 boat ramp is suitable for various types of watercraft, including boats, kayaks, canoes, and other types of small watercraft. The ramp has a designated parking area for vehicles and trailers, allowing for easy access and launching.

According to the latest information available, this boat ramp is managed and maintained by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the use of this facility requires a valid Washington State Discover Pass. Additionally, it is important to note that local regulations and restrictions may apply, and it is always a good idea to check with local authorities before using any boat ramp. Get driving directions.

Streamgauge Streamflow
Spokane River Below Nine Mile Dam At Spokane
USGS 12426000
9,280 cfs
Kettle River Near Ferry
USGS 12401500
3,050 cfs
Chamokane Creek Below Falls Near Long Lake
USGS 12433200
53 cfs
Columbia River At International Boundary
USGS 12399500
56,100 cfs
Colville River At Kettle Falls
USGS 12409000
557 cfs
Kettle River Near Laurier
USGS 12404500
5,660 cfs
Little Spokane River Near Dartford
USGS 12431500
596 cfs